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Smart Home Automation Hacks for When You’re Away on Vacation

Smart Home Vacation

Did I lock the front door? How is the dog sitter going to get in? Does the house look abandoned? These are all common thoughts of homeowners while on vacation. Nagging questions that can’t be answered remotely take away from the enjoyment and relaxation of a getaway; however, modern technology offers a solution to the worries and more: smart home automation.

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3 Underrated Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are popular in WiFi-connected homes, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home from your smartphone or other digital device and, more importantly, to save money on utility costs. The demand for smart thermostats is growing due to their WiFi connectivity, allowing homeowners the ability to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world with their smart device, and more importantly, generating substantial cost savings on their utility bills. Below we go into more detail on the primary benefits of using a smart thermostat:

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What Is IoT, and How Can You Implement It Into Your Home?

IoT- and Tunable Fixtures

IoT can add a great deal of convenience and flexibility to your home

The “internet of things” (IoT) is a catch-all term for devices that are connected to the internet and exchange or communicate information. Until fairly recently, IoT was primarily reserved to describe applications in commercial, industrial, or infrastructure sectors. Now, with the rise of smart homes, connected vehicles, wearable technology, connected health applications, and the like, IoT has migrated into our homes and offices.

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Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks Header

Looking for added security? Smart door locks are what you need

Smart door locks are one of the new technological advancements smart homes are starting to utilize more often. If you’re tired of losing your house key, looking for added security, want your kids to be able to access the home when you’re not home or want to let guests in remotely, smart door locks are what you need.

A smart door lock is just one more advantageous feature to add to your smart home — here’s why:

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A Glance Into a Control4-Powered Home


Experience the Ultimate Comfortable Living with Control4 Smart Home Systems

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the remarkable and continuing advancements smart home technology has unleashed upon the world. But, the truth is, unless you've experienced this exceptional automation first hand, it’s hard to explain and harder to grasp.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to describing a Control4 automated home from the homeowner’s perspective, sans the technical jargon. As leading providers of smart home services in St. Augustine, FL, we’ve witnessed the incredible looks on the faces of our clients when they find themselves controlling their homes with just one touch.

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How to Create a Movie Theater Experience at Home


Revel in the excitement, stunning visuals, and extraordinary sound of the best theaters—right in your own house. 

Films have extraordinary power over us; they bring us on flights of fancy and remarkable adventures. Few other mediums can give us such a roller coaster of emotions laughing, crying, and cheering, often all at the same time. 

Movie houses are often seen as almost sacred temples, places where we lower the lights to isolate ourselves, enforcing a focus on the screen. The theater’s excitement and reverie can be brought to your own home with a private cinema.  

To see how your Sandy Springs, GA  smart home can become the best place to watch movies, read more below. 

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Golden Ear Speakers Provide Sonic Perfection for Your Home


See How the Triton Line Generates Superior Audio Unmatched by Systems Twice as Expensive

A great listening experience can change your perception of audio. The first time you hear a true HD audio file, hearing all the missing nuances from your typical sound system, you can never go back.

Audiophile is a term that is thrown around by music lovers, manufacturers, and equipment reviewers to describe the pinnacle of sound reproduction. The name is often applied to esoteric systems that cost more than high-end pleasure boats. While the units offer stunning sound reproduction, their cost and delicacy are often not practical for everyday listening.  

Golden Ear, a term used to describe individuals who can hear the full spectrum of human hearing, is a company dedicated to, as they state on their website, “...deliver more sonic superiority, with performance that is often unequaled in competitors' speakers selling for three, four or five times as much ..."

To learn more about how Golden Ear speakers can provide the best listening experience in your St Augustine, FL smart home, read more below. 

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Staying Home? Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Home Networking Upgrade


If you're using your network more often, make sure it's up to the task.

Georgians are staying at home more than ever nowadays. And we’re relying on our smartphones and tablets more than ever, too. If you’re streaming your favorite tunes on a wireless speaker system or perusing the web on your mobile device, you're putting more strain on your network. And with so many technologies working simultaneously, you could be demanding too much from an under-equipped system. How do you know it's time to invest in a home networking upgrade for your Alpharetta home? Here are some smart tips. 

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3 Smart Home Automation Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed...


… But Will Transform Your Lifestyle.

Smart home automation is just a fancy remote control for your toaster, right? Not exactly – it’s a system that connects all the technology in your Sandy Springs, GA property with a single, intuitive interface. You can set controls to work automatically or group multiple functions under a single button. But it’s not just about convenience and simplicity. It’s about improving your day-to-day lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Check out these smart solutions you may not know about that will help you feel better throughout the day.

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