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The Day-to-Day Benefits of Living in a Smart Home


Morning to Evening – Control4 Installation Helps You Experience Luxurious Living

The thrill of driving a smart car is experienced only when you’re in the driver’s seat. A smart TV is only smart when you’re using it. And a smartphone offers the convenience you want only when the screen is on. But a smart home? That’s a different story altogether! A Control4 home automation system gives you one-touch control of every connected home technology – morning, day, and evening.

Touch an icon to turn on the lights. Speak to your whole-home audio system to play music. Set an automated scene that adjusts every technology in your Alpharetta, GA, home with one command. Keep reading to discover the practical, luxurious, and 24-hour benefits of Control4 installation.

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Waking Up Is Wonderful

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Whichever one you are, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a home automation system in the morning. If you like waking up, set your system to illuminate your room’s lights, raise the shades, and play your favorite songs through your whole-home audio system to get you going for the day.

If you struggle to open your eyes when it’s time to get up, then a smart home helps you ease into the morning – slowly illuminating the lights with a warm hue, playing soft music, and gently raising the shades to let the sun in. Carry the automation lifestyle into every room in your house: the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and patio. You’ll find that your Control4 home makes waking up so much better. Either set automated scenes or control each system with the tap of an icon.

Afternoon Automation Enjoyment

As you go about your day – working, doing chores, or indulging in home entertainment – you enjoy complete control of everything around you: the smart lighting, multi-room audio, home security, motorized window treatments, home AV, and much more! For instance, if someone rings your Control4 Chime Video Doorbell while you are watching a movie in your home theater, check the video on your Control4 tablet. You can see who it is, talk with the person, and unlock the door to let them in – all without getting up from your seat!

Many systems can be automated too. So, you won’t need to do a thing. Your home security system with smart surveillance cameras keep an eye on your property and notify you immediately if an alert is triggered. A circadian lighting system automatically adjusts throughout the day – changing hue and brightness to ensure a biophilic home. Your indoor climate system can also work in sync with motorized shades to maintain a comfortable home environment.

It’s Time for Evening Entertainment

Nighttime is the right time for home entertainment! Movies in the home theater, parties outside with friends, and a romantic meal with a loved one – they all come together with Control4 installation. Program a scene in your smart home tablet that’s perfect for any occasion. Then, when the time is right, touch a button to set the scene. No need to run around adjusting lights and turning on the music or TVs to create the mood. One touch does it all.

Then, as the evening comes to a close and you’re laying in bed, say “Goodnight” to your home automation system – the doors lock, the lights dim throughout the house, the motorized shades lower, the security system is armed, and all is well in your home. What’s not to love about a Control4 system? It brings moment-by-moment enjoyment to all the activities in your home.

Discover all home automation offers by reaching out to Southern Cinema. Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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