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A Glance Into a Control4-Powered Home


Experience the Ultimate Comfortable Living with Control4 Smart Home Systems

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the remarkable and continuing advancements smart home technology has unleashed upon the world. But, the truth is, unless you've experienced this exceptional automation first hand, it’s hard to explain and harder to grasp.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to describing a Control4 automated home from the homeowner’s perspective, sans the technical jargon. As leading providers of smart home services in St. Augustine, FL, we’ve witnessed the incredible looks on the faces of our clients when they find themselves controlling their homes with just one touch.

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The Family Room Turned Entertainment Capital

We create smart custom home theaters for movie buffs that demand soundproofed windowless rooms with tiered plush seating. With one touch of the button, the movie begins, the lights dim, and the temperature modifies. Viewers are immersed in Dolby Atmos surround sound while viewing ultra-detailed, true-to-life scenes taking them across the world and beyond.

But many of our clients like the idea of a more relaxed entertainment space, one that incorporates quick trips to the kitchen and a game of pool. They want a room that morphs from a casual conversational zone to mega-movie night. Southern Cinema’s exceptionally qualified and experienced Control 4 smart home integrators achieve just that.

Imagine sitting in your living room preparing for movie night, and your guests wonder how they're going to watch a movie with no TV in sight. They start looking at their watches as they wonder if you’re going to whisk out an old movie projector and pull down a screen.

Then, with one touch of a button, they watch as blackened shades lower, eclipsing any light. What they thought was a framed fine art painting morphs into a large 4K smart TV. The lights dim, and the movie begins with a crystal clear sound that surrounds them. Only the homeowners know that there are six audio zones with speakers hidden in the walls and the ceiling, creating impressive surround sound.  

Setting the Scene

Because Control4 is compatible with over 35,000 devices, you can be assured that this smart home system can control just about any internet-connected device. Of course, your fingers and voice would grow weary if you had to adjust the shades, lights, temperature, and music throughout the day.

Many clients want their homes to self-adjust as the sun rises and sets and the seasons come and go. We can program your Control4 system to do just that, automatically adjusting blinds, lighting, and temperature throughout the day, allowing just enough natural light in based on the sun's position. Then, the shades descend as night closes in. So as not to waste energy, lights may turn on and blinds open only when someone walks into a room.

Homeowners also control their smart homes with pre-set and automated scenes. Touch the “Goodnight" button, and the lights dim, the night lite in the bathroom turns on, the doors lock, and the security system arms. Every morning, at the same time, a set of lights turn on, illuminating the path from your bed to the kitchen. There you find the coffee made, the lights illuminating a subtle glow, the TV turned on to your favorite news channel, and blinds allowing in just enough of the sun’s glow.

At Southern Cinema, we pride ourselves on delivering the smart home our customers dream about with a simple, easy-to-use interface. A smart home shouldn't require technical know-how; that's our job. It should provide an unimaginable ease of living. That's what we strive for, and that's what our clients receive every time.

For a complimentary, no-obligation quote, call Southern Cinema today.

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