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10 Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle with Motorized Shades

large bedroom with a ceiling fan, dresser, and bed in front of three windows with partially raised shades

Meet the Stylish and Sophisticated Technology That Transforms Smart Homes

Shades are just shades, right? In actuality, quite a bit of research-backed design goes into motorized shades, from whisper-quiet operation to whole-home integration technology. Imagine no longer needing to walk from room to room to manage natural daylight throughout your Forsyth, GA, property and instead simply tapping a button to adjust shades and blinds easily. 

Keep reading to discover our (and our clients’) top ten favorite automated shading features!

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Adding Comfort to Outdoor Spaces with Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades let you decide when to let sunshine in and when to enjoy more privacy

While it’s probably safe to say that most of us enjoy spending time in the backyard when the weather is nice, that can quickly turn miserable if you end up just baking in the sun. Motorized shades not only add shade to your outdoor environment, but also give you the flexibility to control when, where, and how much shade you want. No more messing around with trying to get the umbrellas in just the right spot. No more turning cranks until you can’t feel your arms. Just flip a switch, grab a remote, or open an app on your smart device and voilá!

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Light Up Your Life with Smart Lights & Motorized Shades


Why the Modern Home Needs Smart Lighting and Shading Control

Home automation has come a long way over the past few decades. What was considered advanced years ago, such as TV remotes and light motion detectors, are now standard features in most homes throughout the country. But you want a home that’s better than “standard,” don’t you? Instead of settling for an average home in Buckhead, GA, upgrade to a robust and smart lighting and shading control system.

With the touch of a button on a remote or icon on a smart home tablet, you take control of all the shades and lights in your home (or in a specific room). You can even set scenes! Read our article to discover the unique benefits of these state-of-the-art smart home technologies. 

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How Circadian Lighting & Motorized Shades Improve Wellness


Create a Natural and Healthier Environment in Your Home with Human-Centric Lighting

There’s a lot to say about smart lighting control and how it adds convenience and beauty to your lifestyle. An automated and remote-controlled lighting system transforms how you interact with all the lights in your rooms. However, it can offer even more to your Buckhead, GA home. Circadian lighting is not only “smart,” but it changes color and intensity throughout the day to sync with your body’s natural rhythm.

You’ll start the morning more refreshed, have more energy during the day, and fall asleep peacefully. Those are some of the benefits of tunable circadian lighting. Add motorized shades, and you create an environment for a healthy home and family. Read more to see how it works.

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3 Smart Home Automation Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed...


… But Will Transform Your Lifestyle.

Smart home automation is just a fancy remote control for your toaster, right? Not exactly – it’s a system that connects all the technology in your Sandy Springs, GA property with a single, intuitive interface. You can set controls to work automatically or group multiple functions under a single button. But it’s not just about convenience and simplicity. It’s about improving your day-to-day lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Check out these smart solutions you may not know about that will help you feel better throughout the day.

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Glare on the Gridiron? Stop Sunlight From Ruining Your Football Season


Automated Shading Is a Simple and Affordable Way to Perfect Your Media Room Design

Glare stinks. One minute you’re watching the Julio Jones run it in for a touchdown, and the next thing you know a wayward sunbeam streaks across the TV screen. Now you’ve missed a crucial moment of glory that only comes a few times in a football season. What can you do but wait for the depths of winter when the sun sets long before kickoff? The answer is simple: install motorized shades your Cumming, GA media room.

Smart shades are an easy-to-use and super stylish addition to your media room design. They can help regulate temperatures and manage light while lowering your overall energy cost. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Lighting Control?


These Lutron Features Help You Transform Your Home

Ready to bring some much-needed technology upgrades to your St. Augustine, FL home? How do you know which features are the best fit for your family and, more importantly, which companies to trust? Even though AV components like wireless speakers take a lot of attention, most people join the smart home revolution for practical reasons: climate control, security, or lighting control.

Run through your typical day in your head. Envision all the technology you use during your daily routines. If you’re thinking of your smartphone, we don’t blame you. Silently lurking in the background is the technology you likely use second most: the light switch. As your local Lutron Dealers, we bring those two together and, in the process, make your home more beautiful, safe, and energy-efficient.

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Everyday Convenience with Home Lighting Control


We’ve written in this space before about the many benefits of home lighting control.  In fact, it is the number one smart home feature that homeowners are interested in when building or remodeling their house.  As a standalone solution, it has many benefits, but when combined with additional smart home features it really multiplies the enjoyment of your St. Augustine, FL residence or vacation home.

Lighting control is undoubtedly all about convenience and luxury, but beyond that, there are concrete benefits in energy efficiency and safety too.

Intrigued?  Let’s explore a few ways that lighting control works with other smart home functions to enhance your lifestyle.

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The Key to a Great Media Room Design


Learn How to Balance Functionality and Performance in Multipurpose Rooms

As fantastic as dedicated home theaters are, they’re not a perfect fit for every property in the Alpharetta, Georgia area. If space is limited or you’d prefer an area that’s useful for more than just watching movies, a better option would be to add a multipurpose media room.

Now, you may think that simply adding a TV and Blu-ray player is enough to transform your living room into a great movie-watching environment, but there are actually a lot of elements that go into media room design. Below, we go over some of the main tips and tricks for designing a stellar multipurpose space.

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The Best Smart Technologies for Beachfront Homes


Embrace Smart Home Automation in Your St. Augustine Property

Every home is different, and the smart technologies that are essential in one area of the world might be far less valuable in another home. For beachfront homeowners in Florida, there are a lot of exciting smart home automation features that can add value and convenience to your property. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or somewhere else along the north east coast, keep reading to learn about the best tech for your needs.

Outdoor Entertainment

A dedicated home theater system is often considered a must-have for luxury properties. With the gorgeous view of the ocean and wonderful weather, many Florida residents opt to take their theaters outside. An outdoor theater requires strategic planning to mitigate ambient light and ensure that the area has great acoustics, but the end result is an amazing movie-watching experience.

Beyond home theaters, your beachfront property should be equipped with the best outdoor audio system for entertaining friends and family. Special weather-resistant speakers and high-end audio equipment are the way to go. Combine your audio system with fully automated landscape lighting, then create a “Party” scene that crafts the perfect atmosphere for a fun evening.

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