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When DIY Doesn’t Cut It: How an AV Expert Can Help

Hire an AV Expert

While many of us enjoy a good DIY project, when it comes to home AV projects and solutions, such as TVs, speakers, smart doorbells, thermostats, and everything in between, it’s almost always worth hiring an AV professional to help with the job. While there are certainly some AV solutions, such as a basic speaker or home theater set up, that can be installed by a capable DIYer, an expert is normally a good investment if you want the job done right the first time. The following are some guidelines on when a project can be completed alone and when it’s better to call in an expert.

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How to Create a Movie Theater Experience at Home


Revel in the excitement, stunning visuals, and extraordinary sound of the best theaters—right in your own house. 

Films have extraordinary power over us; they bring us on flights of fancy and remarkable adventures. Few other mediums can give us such a roller coaster of emotions laughing, crying, and cheering, often all at the same time. 

Movie houses are often seen as almost sacred temples, places where we lower the lights to isolate ourselves, enforcing a focus on the screen. The theater’s excitement and reverie can be brought to your own home with a private cinema.  

To see how your Sandy Springs, GA  smart home can become the best place to watch movies, read more below. 

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Commercial Buildings: What We Can Do for You


Whether you’re building a new restaurant, car dealership, shopping center, or another commercial environment in the Atlanta area, one thing is true across the board: it’s an involved and multifaceted process. Everything from the networking wiring services to installing the locks on the doors requires expert attention. Instead of sourcing 50 different contractors to handle each aspect of the building construction, you can streamline the process by finding a commercial technology integrator with the expertize to do multiple facets of the installation. Keep reading to learn about the services we provide to Georgia business owners and construction firms.

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