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How Advanced Home Lighting Control Can Set the Mood for Fall

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Mood is everything. Mood can be the difference between a room that sparkles and shines and one that is too lit, or one that is just the perfect amount of aromatic atmosphere and one that is so dark everybody is tripping over themselves.

A great way to control mood is through lighting – and advanced home lighting solutions make this easier than ever! And, with Halloween on everybody’s mind, mood becomes even more important. To help celebrate the season — and also educate you on the greatness that is home-lighting control – we put together this list that will help all of our customers deck out their homes for Halloween, and the many seasons to come!

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Bask in the Sunlight With a SunBrite Outdoor TV


Why you need an outdoor TV in the age of social distancing

Baseball, basketball, and hockey -- this summer may be unusual, but at least there's plenty to watch. If you've been inside because of social distancing this season, now's the perfect time to explore the possibilities of an outdoor AV system. And for an outdoor TV, there’s no better way to start than with SunBrite. What does the leading outdoor TV manufacturer offer to your Atlanta, GA backyard? Find out below.  

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Lighting Control?


These Lutron Features Help You Transform Your Home

Ready to bring some much-needed technology upgrades to your St. Augustine, FL home? How do you know which features are the best fit for your family and, more importantly, which companies to trust? Even though AV components like wireless speakers take a lot of attention, most people join the smart home revolution for practical reasons: climate control, security, or lighting control.

Run through your typical day in your head. Envision all the technology you use during your daily routines. If you’re thinking of your smartphone, we don’t blame you. Silently lurking in the background is the technology you likely use second most: the light switch. As your local Lutron Dealers, we bring those two together and, in the process, make your home more beautiful, safe, and energy-efficient.

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How Can Pre-Wiring Boost Your Smart Devices?


The Right Foundation Makes for a More Functional and Reliable Home

Building a smart home requires a lot more than just bringing in a lot of new gadgets. Each device may function well independently, but to get them working together, you’ll need a home automation system that places them all under one umbrella. As with most projects, the key to a successful smart home is all about planning. Smart homes will require extensive programming and wiring to function efficiently and reliably. That’s why home prewiring makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the technology in your Cummings, GA home.

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The One Technology That Will Make or Break Your Home Theater Design


When you’re buying clothes, you don’t just need to follow the coolest designers. You need to find the items that fit, and feature flattering cuts.

When you go to the store, you don’t always go to the one that has everything you need. You go to the one that offers the friendliest service.

The point is that when you’re trying to get the best out of something, sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious and consider other factors. It applies to where you get your groceries, and it applies to your home theater design.

If you’re building a private cinema in your Buckhead, GA property, you’ll probably want the coolest 4K Ultra HD display and the latest immersive surround sound system. But that’s not all you’ll need to take your theater to the next level.

What’s the one system that will transform your entire experience? Find out below.

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Enhance Your Living Space with Lighting Control


Looking for a way to elevate every part of your Buckhead, GA home?  A lighting control system can add a needed element of sophistication and taste to your living space.
Change how you host parties, have dinner, and lounge about your place. This new tech can mesh perfectly with your existing interior décor and enhance any part of a room you wish.
In this blog we’ll go over the stylistic benefits lighting control can bring to your home, and how easy it will be to manage.


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The Best Way to Control Your Home Entertainment System


Imagine: you’re ready to sit back and relax for a movie showing in your own home theater or comfortable media room.  Everything is at your leisure, but the numerous remotes and individual media devices can leave you stressed and tired before the film has even begun.

Now imagine controlling every aspect of your media all from one connected and centralized source.  With an integrated home entertainment system, it’s not only possible but also incredibly easy.  Soon, your Alpharetta, GA home will become your number one choice over any commercial theater in town.


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The Streamlined Way to Save Energy at Your Business


No matter what kind of company you own, there’s one thing that’s true across industries: it costs money to run a business. Daily operations are not cheap. Just keeping the lights on and the air conditioning running can get expensive. These expenditures are a necessary part of running a business, but you can minimize the cost with the help of an innovative technology: commercial automation. Keep reading to learn what this technology is and how it can impact energy usage for businesses throughout the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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Home Theater Installation Guide: 5 Must-Have Features


The Elements That Will Take Your Theater from Good to Great

One of the best things about a private home theater installation is that it is completely unique to each homeowner. The room can be customized to fit the personality and lifestyle of your Alpharetta-Milton, GA home. However, as unique as each home theater is, there are still some elements that remain the same for high-quality home theaters everywhere. Below, we cover what those elements are and how to incorporate them into your private theater.

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