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Indoor vs. Outdoor Home Theater Systems


Find Out Which One is Right for Your Georgia Home

Adding an outdoor theater is a popular way to give patio spaces a fresh new look and purpose, but is it a good fit for your home? Southern Cinema is an award-winning designer and installer of home theater systems throughout Sandy Springs, Georgia and the Florida coast, so we know a thing or two about finding the perfect theater style. In this article, we outline the pros and cons of the two main home theater types: indoor and outdoor.

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7 Characteristics of a High-Quality Home Theater System


A Helpful Checklist from Georgia’s Home Theater Experts

Not all home theaters are created equal. While you can technically stick a screen on the wall and a projector on a table and call it a home theater, there is a very distinct difference in quality between a DIY home theater and a professionally installed system. If you want a home theater system for your Alpharetta-Milton area home that is top quality across the board, then here are the seven characteristics it needs to have.

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Brighten Up the Winter with Home Lighting Control



3 Great Landscape Lighting Technologies for Your Florida Property

While the winter weather isn’t as bad in Florida as it is up north, even homeowners in the Sunshine State have to deal with the gloomy darkness of the winter season. Shortly, the festive Christmas lights that have brightened up the streets will be gone, leaving St. Augustine homes dim until Daylight Saving Time in March.

But there’s good news! With a stylish lighting design and some hands-free automation technology, your home’s exterior can be cheery and bright all season long. To learn about home lighting control and how you can use it to make your property’s landscape shine, read on.

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3 Advantages of Home Lighting Control


Enhance Your Alpharetta-Milton Home with Smart Lighting

For homeowners in the Alpharetta-Milton area, smart home automation technology is offering innovative ways to make life easier and more comfortable. One of the most popular automation technologies is a home lighting control system. Lighting control allows you to manage every light in your home from one convenient touchscreen. Below, we’ve covered three main ways that implementing a home lighting control system adds value to your Georgia residence.

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What is Smart Home Automation? Learn the Modern Definition


Find Out How to Use Smart Home Automation in Your Alpharetta-Milton Home

You may have heard about smart home automation or seen an automation solution and considered implementing it in your Alpharetta-Milton area home. Before you jump straight into turning your house into a “smart home,” it’s important to have a solid understanding of just what home automation is. In this blog, we define smart home automation and discuss some of the main ways you can enhance your Georgia residence with it.

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