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What Is IoT, and How Can You Implement It Into Your Home?

IoT- and Tunable Fixtures

IoT can add a great deal of convenience and flexibility to your home

The “internet of things” (IoT) is a catch-all term for devices that are connected to the internet and exchange or communicate information. Until fairly recently, IoT was primarily reserved to describe applications in commercial, industrial, or infrastructure sectors. Now, with the rise of smart homes, connected vehicles, wearable technology, connected health applications, and the like, IoT has migrated into our homes and offices.

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Are You Suffering from A Sluggish & Unreliable Home Network?


How Professional Network Installation Adds More Power to Your Smart Home

In our postmodern society, there’s no reason to fight with technology. We should be able to live at peace with our smart devices, right? And yet, we often face a battle with them. The video in your home theater buffers, you have trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal in remote areas of your home, and your smart lights are slow to respond. Fortunately, there is a solution to all these problems, which means you and your technologies can have a wonderful relationship again. 

Professional home network installation supercharges your internet and Wi-Fi, ensuring the connected technologies in your Alpharetta, GA, home operate quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Keep reading to see how an updated network improves how you live and use technology.

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3 Ways to Give Your Network Speed and Security a Boost


Now that everything from the TV to the refrigerator is connected to the internet, you wouldn’t be crazy to assume there’s just not enough to go around.

When your connections exceed your available bandwidth, it can cause slowdowns and blackouts for your system.

Plus, with all these available devices searching the internet, your home could become a target of malicious attacks.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog, to show you ways you can increase the speed and security of your Georgia smart home with your next network installation upgrade.

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When is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Home Network?


Any device in your home that uses the internet will only run as well as the network supporting it.
In the best home networks, that means every piece of technology operates quickly and at full capacity, no matter where or how you use it.
If you aren’t sure whether your Alpharetta, GA residence needs a new network installation, we’ll share a few sure-fire signs that it’s time for an upgrade. Find out more below.

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5 Home Networking Features Every Smart Home Should Have


The Essential Technology for a Reliable and Secure Network Installation

A common issue facing many homeowners in the Cumming, Georgia area is an unreliable home network. While smart devices add a lot of value and convenience for homeowners, they also have greater networking requirements that the average “off the shelf” router can’t meet. Keep reading to learn the key aspects of a home network installation designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern smart home.

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