Staying Home? Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Home Networking Upgrade


If you're using your network more often, make sure it's up to the task.

Georgians are staying at home more than ever nowadays. And we’re relying on our smartphones and tablets more than ever, too. If you’re streaming your favorite tunes on a wireless speaker system or perusing the web on your mobile device, you're putting more strain on your network. And with so many technologies working simultaneously, you could be demanding too much from an under-equipped system. How do you know it's time to invest in a home networking upgrade for your Alpharetta home? Here are some smart tips. 

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Devices Are Too Slow

Have you ever thought about how your network is like a highway? Every traveling signal is more traffic. Devices send the signals, or cars can cause a jam if there are too many, and they overwhelm the road's capacity.

Your smart home network is an elaborate freeway system that allows each signal to reach its destination. But if there aren't enough lanes, the messages slow down. By upgrading your network, you expand the bandwidth and add more lanes to the highway. That will relieve the pressure on the infrastructure and offer more room for each signal to get where it needs to go.

Your devices can run faster and more efficiently if you increase the bandwidth of your network. And, signals that require a lot of bandwidth, like 4K and lossless audio, won't become constricted, and you can enjoy them the way the producers intended.

Scalable Systems

The Braves may be off the air this year, but it’s a great time to rewatch all your favorite movies and shows. Do it in style with stunning 4K HDR and OLED screens. If you’ve thought about adding more devices, like a 4K TV, to your smart home, you’ll require a network that can support the new traffic. 

Expertly designed networks provide users the space to add to their system over time without adding strain on the bandwidth. Build a new entertainment system or enjoy your favorite shows in the backyard home theater by ensuring your network signal can reach every corner of your property.

At Southern Cinema, we understand that you need to stay safe and healthy during this time. We craft technology solutions that will keep your family entertained, secure, and comfortable.


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