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How to Integrate Technology with Interior Design

Tech and Interior Design

When designing a new home, it’s fairly common for technology to be an afterthought rather than a primary focus in the process. TVs, speakers, and electronics are often only thought about after all the design elements (paint colors, flooring, trim work, furniture, window treatments, etc.) have been carefully selected or even installed. The idea of ruining a room’s thoughtful aesthetic by introducing wires and a stack of black boxes can test even the best of marriages.

But technology and design can coexist without drastically compromising system performance or interior design. It simply takes a little creativity, careful planning and a partnership between your technology integrator and design professionals.

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How to Make Your Media Room Design More Versatile


A Multipurpose Home Entertainment Space with All the Technologies You Need for Movies, Media, and More

Make room for something more in your media room! In the past, home theaters and media rooms never mixed company. One was for watching movies and TV shows; the other was for listening to high-end music. Now, things are changing. More and more homeowners want a home entertainment space that provides all the above and more.

A customized media room design centers around all your entertainment needs: movies, music, games, and socializing. It caters to the sights, sounds, and sensations you love. It often includes a big-screen TV or projector and screen system, high-end surround sound, smart lighting, and even themed décor to give your room personality.

Keep reading to see how the following technologies turn your media room in Sandy Springs, GA, into a versatile multipurpose space.

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The Key to a Great Media Room Design


Learn How to Balance Functionality and Performance in Multipurpose Rooms

As fantastic as dedicated home theaters are, they’re not a perfect fit for every property in the Alpharetta, Georgia area. If space is limited or you’d prefer an area that’s useful for more than just watching movies, a better option would be to add a multipurpose media room.

Now, you may think that simply adding a TV and Blu-ray player is enough to transform your living room into a great movie-watching environment, but there are actually a lot of elements that go into media room design. Below, we go over some of the main tips and tricks for designing a stellar multipurpose space.

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Glare on the Gridiron? Stop Sunlight From Ruining Your Football Season


Automated Shading Is a Simple and Affordable Way to Perfect Your Media Room Design

Glare stinks. One minute you’re watching the Julio Jones run it in for a touchdown, and the next thing you know a wayward sunbeam streaks across the TV screen. Now you’ve missed a crucial moment of glory that only comes a few times in a football season. What can you do but wait for the depths of winter when the sun sets long before kickoff? The answer is simple: install motorized shades your Cumming, GA media room.

Smart shades are an easy-to-use and super stylish addition to your media room design. They can help regulate temperatures and manage light while lowering your overall energy cost. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

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