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How Circadian Lighting Improves Sleep and Energy Levels

Circadian Lighting

Improve your health and sleep with circadian lighting

Circadian rhythm is our body’s internal clock that tells us when it is time to sleep or wake, depending on the light levels and the signals our eyes send to our brain. These days, most of our daily light exposure comes from artificial lighting, either in our homes or our workplaces, and it doesn’t follow the natural daily rhythm. Light quality has a direct effect on our energy levels, and typical indoor lighting is often too dark to raise daytime energy levels or too light to wind down to. Research shows that extended exposure to low-quality lighting can have a negative effect on our health, resulting in a low mood, fatigue, lack of concentration, and poor sleep quality.

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How Circadian Lighting & Motorized Shades Improve Wellness


Create a Natural and Healthier Environment in Your Home with Human-Centric Lighting

There’s a lot to say about smart lighting control and how it adds convenience and beauty to your lifestyle. An automated and remote-controlled lighting system transforms how you interact with all the lights in your rooms. However, it can offer even more to your Buckhead, GA home. Circadian lighting is not only “smart,” but it changes color and intensity throughout the day to sync with your body’s natural rhythm.

You’ll start the morning more refreshed, have more energy during the day, and fall asleep peacefully. Those are some of the benefits of tunable circadian lighting. Add motorized shades, and you create an environment for a healthy home and family. Read more to see how it works.

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