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A Golden Opportunity for High-End Multi-Room Audio


Learn How Golden Ear Speakers and Control4 Take Whole-Home Music to a New Level

Silence is golden, except when you’re listening to music through Golden Ear speakers. The company specializes in designing, engineering, and producing high-end speakers that make music-listening an absolute pleasure. The Triton 2+ series and Invisa series allow you to place speakers throughout your entire home, creating an immersive, multi-room audio experience like no other.

With a Control4 home automation system in place, you can easily take command of the songs, volume, and other audio features through the tap of an icon. Keep reading to see how Golden Ear and Control4 come together to improve how you listen to music in your Atlanta, GA, home.

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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Multi-Room Audio


Explore scenes, zones, and more

Music helps you with the little things; cooking, cleaning, and spending time with the family. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, said Dick Clark. So, why wouldn’t you want it in every room?

multi-room audio system can transform the soundscape of your Alpharetta, GA home. Individual zone control, recurring scenes, and smart integration mean you can enjoy a custom music experience anywhere on your property.  

Want to find out more? Keep reading.

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Blend Style and Function With Multi-Room Audio


Invisible components make your rooms sound better without AV clutter

Why invest in a multi-room audio system? One simple reason: to listen to music anywhere in your Sandy Springs, GA home. You don’t want to hear drops in quality or volume when you move through the rooms. Stream music to every corner of your home and create the perfect entertainment for your family and friends. Of course, you shouldn’t ruin the design of your space with clunky AV clutter in every room, so how can you build a sound system that looks great and sounds stunning? Keep reading to find out.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Music Any Way You Want It


Create the Ultimate Sonic Experience Anywhere in Your Home

One of the easiest New Year’s Resolutions you can commit to is listening to more music. Very few people realize the benefits of putting on their favorite records anywhere in the house. Even just a few minutes a day enhances your concentration, reduce stress, and of course make you happier.

Ready to take on what will likely be one of the easiest resolutions of 2019? Elevate your listening experience with a multi-room audio solution in your St. Augustine, FL home. This technology makes it easy to pull up and enjoy music at anytime, anywhere. Variety, convenience, and quality all come together with the following steps:

SEE MORE: How to Get the Most from Whole Home Audio

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