Glare on the Gridiron? Stop Sunlight From Ruining Your Football Season


Automated Shading Is a Simple and Affordable Way to Perfect Your Media Room Design

Glare stinks. One minute you’re watching the Julio Jones run it in for a touchdown, and the next thing you know a wayward sunbeam streaks across the TV screen. Now you’ve missed a crucial moment of glory that only comes a few times in a football season. What can you do but wait for the depths of winter when the sun sets long before kickoff? The answer is simple: install motorized shades your Cumming, GA media room.

Smart shades are an easy-to-use and super stylish addition to your media room design. They can help regulate temperatures and manage light while lowering your overall energy cost. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

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Smart Shades Are Hands-Free

We’ve all been here: the sun is setting and blazing light into your media room with only two minutes to go before halftime. In a few moments, it’ll be nighttime. That’s perfect if you’re looking forward to Terry Bradshaw hamming it up behind a desk for the next 12 minutes, but not so great if you want to catch the action on the field before the break. There’s just one problem: the Falcons are at fourth down and goal, and the shades are all the way over there — and that leaves little time to get up and get the sun out of your eyes.

Thankfully, your automated shading system springs into action. With Control4’s When/Then software and a few pre-game clicks on your computer, you’ve easily programmed your motorized shades to lower at sundown. As the window treatments drop, suddenly the screen appears brighter, and you don’t miss a second of the scrimmage.

Stay Warm and Keep Your Cool

As the autumn turns into winter and the action on-screen begins to visibly chill, you can stay warm at home by integrating automated shading with a smart thermostat. With the appropriate window coverings, you can reduce your reliance on your heater and maintain room temperatures more effectively. It’s a cool way to save on energy costs while staying warm throughout football season.

Most heat escapes through window panes during the winter. But you don’t want to waste energy warming up your front lawn. Instead, appropriately installed treatments can create a pocket of air between the shade and the pane that acts as a buffer and reduces heat loss. That way, you don’t have to continually adjust the thermostat to regulate the temperature in your media room.

As part of your system, you can utilize sensors to automatically lower the shades when your room reaches a specific temperature. You stay comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about skyrocketing heating costs.

At Southern Cinema Design, we’re serious about crafting media room solutions that fit your lifestyle. From Cumming to Buckhead, we’re Georgia’s source for custom entertainment and smart automation systems. We even serve parts of North Florida, including Jacksonville and St. Augustine (even if you’re a Jaguars fan!)

If you want to work with a professional home theater specialist that understands what matters most to you, click here or give us a call at 1-404-THEATER today!

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