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These Lutron Features Help You Transform Your Home

Ready to bring some much-needed technology upgrades to your St. Augustine, FL home? How do you know which features are the best fit for your family and, more importantly, which companies to trust? Even though AV components like wireless speakers take a lot of attention, most people join the smart home revolution for practical reasons: climate control, security, or lighting control.

Run through your typical day in your head. Envision all the technology you use during your daily routines. If you’re thinking of your smartphone, we don’t blame you. Silently lurking in the background is the technology you likely use second most: the light switch. As your local Lutron Dealers, we bring those two together and, in the process, make your home more beautiful, safe, and energy-efficient.

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Going back to the late 1950s, Lutron has been at the forefront of the home lighting control industry. Over the past sixty years, they’ve expanded from simple on-wall dimmers to comprehensive whole-home systems. A lot of other companies have emerged in recent years, Phillips Hue being the most popular among them. Designed for easy installation, Phillips Hue primarily lets you manage your bulbs through a mobile app. Lutron’s premier whole-home system does this and a lot more.   

Not only do you get expanded control options in the form of elegant keypads, touchpads, and remotes, but you can go beyond traditional bulbs as well. Develop a more sophisticated lighting design with specialty LED fixtures and embrace natural light with motorized shades. There are no device limits with HomeworksQS so you can cover your entire property and even integrate some of your other favorite smart devices including Sonos speakers and NEST thermostats.

HomeworksQS is not the only lighting control system from Lutron. Entry-level wireless Casetta and RadioRA2 are available as well. Going with HomeworksQS is our recommendation not only due to the lack of device limits but also because you’re assured compatibility with any new Lutron releases or updates including the ones outlined below.

Voice Control

Over the past two years, the popularity of voice control has grown exponentially. Do you want to manage your lights through simple voice commands? Once you install HomeworksQS, you can integrate it with your favorite voice assistant including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and


For years, experts have praised the health benefits of natural light. How can you take advantage of its healing powers during the winter months or cloudy days? Add Ketra lighting fixtures that mimic sunlight throughout the day. The lights transition automatically from cooler colors in the morning to warmer ones in the evening to balance your circadian rhythm.

Palladiom Shades

Lutron has also expanded its elegant line of Palladiom Shades, ideal for difficult exposed installations since they don’t use a fascia, pocket or recess. Add shades without having to worry about them ruining your interior design by pairing them up with Palladiom’s stylish keypads. Now you can choose from a variety of fabric options that cover windows as big as 12” by 12”.

Ivalo Fixtures

Don’t want to use traditional overhead lights in your house? Create a layered lighting design with Lutron’s varied Ivalo LED fixtures. Choose from linear strips, pendants, sconces, and recessed lighting. These are all easily integrated into your HomeworksQS system so you can manage them from the control device of your choice. As your local Lutron Dealer, we help you embrace all of these smart lighting solutions. To set up a free consultation, call us at 1-404-THEATER or fill out our contact form.

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