The One Technology That Will Make or Break Your Home Theater Design

Why Good Design Goes Beyond AV

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Why Good Design Goes Beyond AV

When you’re buying clothes, you don’t just need to follow the coolest designers. You need to find the items that fit, and feature flattering cuts.

When you go to the store, you don’t always go to the one that has everything you need. You go to the one that offers the friendliest service.

The point is that when you’re trying to get the best out of something, sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious and consider other factors. It applies to where you get your groceries, and it applies to your home theater design.

If you’re building a private cinema in your Buckhead, GA property, you’ll probably want the coolest 4K Ultra HD display and the latest immersive surround sound system. But that’s not all you’ll need to take your theater to the next level.

What’s the one system that will transform your entire experience? Find out below.


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The Secret to a Smarter Home Theater Design

Sometimes they call filmmaking “painting with light.” That’s because when creators were still shooting with film cameras and black and white stock, precision lighting was essential to building a beautiful, memorable image.

Today, Hollywood can be a lot less precise with their lighting choices. Ultra HD digital cameras have transformed a lot of the ways movies are made.

But that doesn’t hold true for your home theater. In there, you still need a carefully designed lighting system that will allow you to see where you’re going, highlight aspects of your space, and not wash out the image on the screen.

Think about this: any theater you’ve ever gone to has presented the movie in a pitch-black room.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just turning off the lights. Instead, you’ll still need to find your way around when you pause the movie or get up for snacks.

So, how do you get the most out of your light?


Integrated Lighting Control

Smart lighting is essential to your home theater. That means a system that allows you to adjust each lighting fixture in your space with the touch of a button, control each fixture zone individually, and combine controls with other technology in the room.

For instance, one tap will dim the overhead lights, turn on the projector, lower the screen, and adjust the audio system to the perfect setting.

When it’s time to get up, use your tablet or smartphone to raise the lights in the back of the theater, so you can find your way without issue. They won’t disrupt the picture on the screen.

The right lighting conditions are essential to your home theater experience. Get the most out of them by integrating control with smart technology.


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