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Bask in the Sunlight With a SunBrite Outdoor TV


Why you need an outdoor TV in the age of social distancing

Baseball, basketball, and hockey -- this summer may be unusual, but at least there's plenty to watch. If you've been inside because of social distancing this season, now's the perfect time to explore the possibilities of an outdoor AV system. And for an outdoor TV, there’s no better way to start than with SunBrite. What does the leading outdoor TV manufacturer offer to your Atlanta, GA backyard? Find out below.  

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The Problem with Light

Outdoor video is a popular choice for local homeowners. You can install a full screen-and-projector, or you can build your system around an ultra-bright TV. While some homeowners enjoy the idea of traditional theater experience under the stars, SunBrite outdoor TVs offer more functionality. They're perfect for daylight and nighttime applications.

A standard TV can't compete with the brightness of the sun. That means your system must be even brighter to remain visible. Whether you're catching a matinee double-header or enjoying your favorite TV shows with family, you can do it with a SunBrite TV. 

Additionally, it's not just sunlight your TV must compete with. It's also ambient light that you can't control. Stars, neighbors, and local fixtures add to your space's brightness, even if you don't notice it. Overcome ambient light with a SunBrite TV. 

SunBrite Withstands the Elements

SunBrite TVs are built for the backyard. That means they withstand the changing elements and weather conditions. Thanks to durable outer casings, water-sealed connections, and tested glass, you can count on your SunBrite TV to stay functional throughout the year.

The TVs survive rain, sleet, snow, and the odd kickball or pool splash so that you can enjoy your favorite content outside of your home. You can trust SunBrite to last, so you'll get more out of your investment.

Work with a Local Professional

Outdoor TVs are only part of a backyard AV system. You’ll also need an impactful sound system, reliable networking, and lighting that illuminates your entire property. When you work with Southern Cinema Design, we can help you achieve your technology goals. 

We customize technology to fit your lifestyle and needs. You can get more out of each device when they work together. Let us upgrade your technology with the latest in smart automation. You'll quickly see the benefits of convenience, costs, and control. 

Ready to learn more? It’s easy! Click here or give us a call at 1-404-THEATER today.

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