Enhance Your Living Space with Lighting Control


Looking for a way to elevate every part of your Buckhead, GA home?  A lighting control system can add a needed element of sophistication and taste to your living space.
Change how you host parties, have dinner, and lounge about your place. This new tech can mesh perfectly with your existing interior décor and enhance any part of a room you wish.
In this blog we’ll go over the stylistic benefits lighting control can bring to your home, and how easy it will be to manage.


Bring Attention to Your Design Features

You might already have a perfected home décor in place within your living room or kitchen – so how can adding lighting fixtures blend seamlessly with your existing design?
A great feature of your lighting system is putting a spotlight on your desired art and items.
You can show and highlight a piece of artwork or furniture on display so that it draws the eye whenever you walk into the room.
With a press of a button, you will simply dim the lights in a room and brighten the ones aimed and angled specifically on a certain piece, so it’s ideally highlighted and emphasized.
Set “scenes” in your system to change which items are accentuated each day, so that you’re constantly mixing up your decoration without any hassle or extra work!

Protect Your Valuables

The same art and furniture you highlighted with your lighting are also vulnerable to the sun’s natural rays. Make sure no damage comes to your beloved items by installing motorized shades with your lighting system.
Photo sensors can tell when the sun is at its most intense during the day and is shining directly in through your windows. They will then lower your shades down to keep direct sunlight away from your interior.
If your shades all come down, your system will also brighten your indoor lights to even out the lighting in your home and make everything feel perfectly balanced.

Create Ambiance for Any Event

Whether you’re hosting a huge dinner party or just having a couple of friends over for a get-together, you can set a welcoming mood and atmosphere for either.
While everyone enjoys a meal, you can press a button on your smartphone or on the wall panel to dim the lights as your guests eat and chat – creating ambiance and encouraging conversation.
Once dinner is over, you can bring everyone into a brightly-lit living room to talk or lower blackout shades in your media room to begin a movie or to watch a game.
As everyone leaves, press a button to turn on your outdoor lighting – giving your friends a safe path to cars, while also adding a nice touch to your home’s curb appeal.

Declutter with Your Control Options

Operating your system doesn’t equate to endless amounts of equipment littering your space.
Install elegant touch panels and keypads on the wall that blend in unnoticed, or ones that can go with your room’s themes and décor.
Using your smartphone or a small remote also makes it easier to control your system without even changing what’s on your walls.
A lighting control system can transform your space, simultaneously adding convenience and style to your home! Want to learn more? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you!


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