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How Can Pre-Wiring Boost Your Smart Devices?


The Right Foundation Makes for a More Functional and Reliable Home

Building a smart home requires a lot more than just bringing in a lot of new gadgets. Each device may function well independently, but to get them working together, you’ll need a home automation system that places them all under one umbrella. As with most projects, the key to a successful smart home is all about planning. Smart homes will require extensive programming and wiring to function efficiently and reliably. That’s why home prewiring makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the technology in your Cummings, GA home.

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What is Pre-Wiring?

Very few people realize how much wiring is needed in a modern home, even if you opt for some wireless components. There needs to be a strong cabling foundation for the ‘heavy lifting’ involved in your smart home including 4K video distribution, networking, and security.

How can you make sure that foundation is there for all your low-voltage needs? The first step is figuring out which technology you want to include. Do you want smart lighting, shades, and security? Do you also want an easy way to stream music and video?

Your smart home expert will come up with a plan outlining all the cabling that will be needed for the job both in your indoor and outdoor spaces. Getting this started during the construction phase will help you avoid costly retrofits down the line. The goal is to have architects, builders, and technology experts working together to get all cables in place before you move in.

Your smart home experts should also leave room for growth during this initial pre-wiring stage, integrating additional cabling that will make it easy to add or upgrade devices down the line.

What Systems Benefit from Pre-Wiring?

There are a lot of systems in your home that benefit from pre-wiring, but the primary ones are security, entertainment, networking, and lighting. 

  • Security: Outdoor and indoor wiring is needed to connect all your security components including cameras, sensors, and intercoms. Even though wireless security solutions are available, we recommend hardwired ones for the best protection possible. A big reason has to do with the amount of data—especially with surveillance cameras—involved. The other is to avoid any vulnerable installations that could leave your home open to cyber-attacks.
  • Entertainment: For your home entertainment, pre-wiring means a system that’s easier on the user and the eyes. You should have pre-wiring for all the speakers and displays. Simplify everything by placing your source components in an organized rack then using your wiring foundation to send the signals where they need to go. This not only allows for centralized control from the device of your choice but also makes maintenance easier down the line. 
  • Networking: Odds are you are going to want wi-fi access in every corner of your property. Vying for that signal are your smartphone, tablet, TVs, streaming devices and more. Even if you’re using a wireless connection for a lot of your networking needs, you need a robust wiring framework behind it. Strengthen your signal by having hardwired access points and switches throughout your property to better manage traffic and avoid dead spots or lagging.
  • Lighting: Though wireless smart lighting options are available, hardwired lighting control is a lot more reliant. You’ll need wires connecting your lights, keypads, and dimmers to remote power panels. This creates a centralized solution that allows you to manage all lights from one device be it a touchpad, mobile app, or even voice assistant speaker.

Home pre-wiring results in a more efficient, reliable solution down the line. Not only do you have a strong foundation for your technology to thrive, but by taking care of it early, you avoid having to tear down walls or undo previous installations.

Want to learn more about the importance of pre-wiring in your next home technology project? Reach out to us by calling 770.888.8848 or reaching out through our online contact form.

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