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Light Up Your Life with Smart Lights & Motorized Shades


Why the Modern Home Needs Smart Lighting and Shading Control

Home automation has come a long way over the past few decades. What was considered advanced years ago, such as TV remotes and light motion detectors, are now standard features in most homes throughout the country. But you want a home that’s better than “standard,” don’t you? Instead of settling for an average home in Buckhead, GA, upgrade to a robust and smart lighting and shading control system.

With the touch of a button on a remote or icon on a smart home tablet, you take control of all the shades and lights in your home (or in a specific room). You can even set scenes! Read our article to discover the unique benefits of these state-of-the-art smart home technologies. 

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The Day-to-Day Benefits of Living in a Smart Home


Morning to Evening – Control4 Installation Helps You Experience Luxurious Living

The thrill of driving a smart car is experienced only when you’re in the driver’s seat. A smart TV is only smart when you’re using it. And a smartphone offers the convenience you want only when the screen is on. But a smart home? That’s a different story altogether! A Control4 home automation system gives you one-touch control of every connected home technology – morning, day, and evening.

Touch an icon to turn on the lights. Speak to your whole-home audio system to play music. Set an automated scene that adjusts every technology in your Alpharetta, GA, home with one command. Keep reading to discover the practical, luxurious, and 24-hour benefits of Control4 installation.

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Enjoy Complete Customization with a Tunable Lighting System


Smart Lighting Control Elevates Your Mood and the Ambiance of Your Home

When it comes to home lighting, a lot has changed since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. In addition to incandescent bulbs, we now have fluorescent, halogen, neon, LED, and fiberoptic lighting. With so many choices available, as well as lighting fixtures and controls, there’s no reason to settle for traditional lights and switches in your home.

One of the most impressive ways to add light, life, and smart home automation to your home is with a tunable lighting system. Instead of having lights with one color, you can change the hue and intensity of your lights by tapping a button or setting a scene. Keep reading to discover how a tunable lighting system allows you to customize the look and feel of your Atlanta, GA, home.

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How to Make Your Media Room Design More Versatile


A Multipurpose Home Entertainment Space with All the Technologies You Need for Movies, Media, and More

Make room for something more in your media room! In the past, home theaters and media rooms never mixed company. One was for watching movies and TV shows; the other was for listening to high-end music. Now, things are changing. More and more homeowners want a home entertainment space that provides all the above and more.

A customized media room design centers around all your entertainment needs: movies, music, games, and socializing. It caters to the sights, sounds, and sensations you love. It often includes a big-screen TV or projector and screen system, high-end surround sound, smart lighting, and even themed décor to give your room personality.

Keep reading to see how the following technologies turn your media room in Sandy Springs, GA, into a versatile multipurpose space.

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Soak Yourself in the Sensational Sounds of Outdoor Audio


How a Premium Outdoor Sound System Adds More Entertainment to Your Life

Do you enjoy the time you spend in your backyard, pool, patio, or outdoor entertainment areas? There’s something about celebrating special moments outside with friends and family or spending time alone that revives the soul – not to mention the fresh air, gentle breeze, and beautiful starlit evenings. But there’s one thing you may be missing outside: an outdoor audio system.

By installing a premium outdoor sound system, you enhance your entertainment experience. Imagine listening to classical music while wading in the pool or turning up the tunes when you host a party. Keep reading to discover how to make your home in Alpharetta, GA, a music-filled haven.

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A Golden Opportunity for High-End Multi-Room Audio


Learn How Golden Ear Speakers and Control4 Take Whole-Home Music to a New Level

Silence is golden, except when you’re listening to music through Golden Ear speakers. The company specializes in designing, engineering, and producing high-end speakers that make music-listening an absolute pleasure. The Triton 2+ series and Invisa series allow you to place speakers throughout your entire home, creating an immersive, multi-room audio experience like no other.

With a Control4 home automation system in place, you can easily take command of the songs, volume, and other audio features through the tap of an icon. Keep reading to see how Golden Ear and Control4 come together to improve how you listen to music in your Atlanta, GA, home.

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