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3 Great Landscape Lighting Technologies for Your Florida Property

While the winter weather isn’t as bad in Florida as it is up north, even homeowners in the Sunshine State have to deal with the gloomy darkness of the winter season. Shortly, the festive Christmas lights that have brightened up the streets will be gone, leaving St. Augustine homes dim until Daylight Saving Time in March.

But there’s good news! With a stylish lighting design and some hands-free automation technology, your home’s exterior can be cheery and bright all season long. To learn about home lighting control and how you can use it to make your property’s landscape shine, read on.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to improve curb appeal. A solid landscape lighting design goes far beyond putting up wall sconces or path lights—it’s about highlighting your home’s best architectural and natural features. Here are our favorite automation technologies for making your property pop at night:

1.       Timers and Lighting Sensors

You shouldn’t have to worry about remembering to turn on the lights every evening right as it gets dark. Instead, treat your outdoor lighting as a “set it and forget it” activity. Using timers, all you have to do is decide what time you want the lights to turn on and off. Once set, the lighting system will do the rest.

Of course, seasons change, and Daylight Saving Time makes timers a hassle to reset. Instead, you could opt for sensors that assess the brightness levels outside and turn on your outdoor lighting at the perfect time. On dim and cloudy days, your lights will come on earlier, but as the seasons change and the days grow longer, you won’t have to deal with lights coming on prematurely.

2.       Motion Sensors

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have all of your property’s lights on at full blast every night. To save on energy, you can set up certain lights to turn on automatically and other lights to only turn on when needed. The way this works is through motion sensors. As a guest pulls up to your driveway, for example, the car’s movement could trigger the lights on the home’s exterior to turn on. Then, as the person starts to walk up to the front door, the pathway lights leading from the driveway to the porch will illuminate.

3.       Remote Control

Feel like adjusting the color of your landscape lighting for a party or brightening the patio area for better visibility at night? It should be a super simple process. With a home lighting control system, all of the lamps, overhead lights, and landscaping lighting throughout your property are connected to a single, easy-to-use system. So whenever you want to make a change to the lights, such as dimming a certain area, all you have to do is pull out your phone or tablet and push a button.

Ready to banish the winter blues with landscape lighting at your Georgia or Florida property? Contact us today to get started.

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