Indoor vs. Outdoor Home Theater Systems


Find Out Which One is Right for Your Georgia Home

Adding an outdoor theater is a popular way to give patio spaces a fresh new look and purpose, but is it a good fit for your home? Southern Cinema is an award-winning designer and installer of home theater systems throughout Sandy Springs, Georgia and the Florida coast, so we know a thing or two about finding the perfect theater style. In this article, we outline the pros and cons of the two main home theater types: indoor and outdoor.

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Indoor Theaters

The Pros:

There’s a reason why indoor home theater systems are considered the norm. Perhaps the greatest benefit over an outdoor theater is that you never have to worry about the weather—rain or shine. You can enjoy your favorite flick whenever you want. But the other great advantage of an indoor theater is that it’s much easier to create a perfect cinematic environment. With four walls to enclose the space, you can rest assured that you’ll have uncompromising sound and visuals at all times.

The Cons:

If you love the outdoors and prefer to get out of the house whenever possible, you might find a traditional home theater to be constraining. Typically, these theaters are intentionally dark and cozy (although home lighting control and motorized shades can go a long way toward creating a more open feel), which might not be the ideal environment for your personality.

Outdoor Theaters

The Pros:

If you enjoy entertaining large groups of people, an outdoor theater is a great way to add depth and personality to your patio or verandah. An outdoor theater frees you from the typical size constraints of an indoor theater—after all, most people have a lot more empty space to develop outside their homes than they do inside. That means you can choose a larger screen, more people can enjoy the movie, and they can do so in unconventional manners. Instead of simply sitting in the theater, you can play in the pool or relax in the Jacuzzi while watching a movie.

The Cons:

Everybody knows that Georgia weather can be fickle, and nothing puts a damper on movie night like a sudden downpour. There are ways to get around the risk of inclement weather, like investing in weather-resistant equipment and a covered theater area. But they’re still not as effective as a fully indoor theater for keeping your movie guests dry and warm.

There also may be some challenges in setting up the proper acoustics and lighting for outdoor theaters. Again, these challenges can be overcome by choosing a professional home theater store for your installation. Your theater installers will choose the right equipment for the environment, such as a projector screen that rejects ambient light to keep your picture clear and crisp at all times.

The Best of Both Worlds?

At the end of the day, each option has its own merits, so it may make sense for your property to have both! On days when the weather cooperates, enjoy your outdoor theater, but for more casual movie-watching, simply head over to your indoor theater. Your home theater installers can set up both systems to work in unison so that you have an easy time managing the equipment and media.

For more guidance on choosing the right home theater system for your needs, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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