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3 Advantages of Home Lighting Control


Enhance Your Alpharetta-Milton Home with Smart Lighting

For homeowners in the Alpharetta-Milton area, smart home automation technology is offering innovative ways to make life easier and more comfortable. One of the most popular automation technologies is a home lighting control system. Lighting control allows you to manage every light in your home from one convenient touchscreen. Below, we’ve covered three main ways that implementing a home lighting control system adds value to your Georgia residence.

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Save Time and Effort

Especially for larger homes, manually managing lighting in every room is a chore. From the landscape lighting in your outdoor space to the spotlights over your living room’s décor, each set of lights is typically separate. With a smart lighting control system, you can adjust the lighting throughout your entire home all at once. When you’re ready for bed, you don’t have to walk through your home to make sure all the lights are off. It all happens with the press of a single button, saving you time and adding convenience throughout your day.

Cut Down on Wasted Energy

Stop wasting money on lighting rooms that aren’t in use. A lighting control system manages the lighting throughout your home intelligently, monitoring for opportunities to save energy or take advantage of natural lighting. Sensors can assess the amount of sunlight coming in through your windows and automatically adjust the artificial lights to ensure you have just the right amount of lighting in each area of your home. Likewise, sensors can identify whenever a room has been unoccupied for more than 5 minutes, turn off the lights, then turn them back on once someone enters the room again. With no extra effort on your part, your home becomes more eco-friendly.

Increase Home Security

Your home’s lights may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home security, but they can actually help deter burglars. Whenever you go on vacation or leave your home for an extended period of time, the chances that your home will become a target for theft increase significantly. However, by programming your lighting control system to mimic the lighting patterns of everyday use, you can fool thieves into thinking you’re still in your home, even if you’re halfway across the world. When you’re ready to leave, just press the “Vacation” button to enter your home into the lighting security mode—simple as that.

Are you ready to upgrade the lighting in your home to a smart control system? Contact us to schedule a free walkthrough of your home.

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