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How to Find a Reliable Smart Home Company


Five Things to Look for in a Low Voltage Contractor

If you have decided to join the growing number of homeowners in the Alpharetta-Milton area who have embraced smart home automation, then you have a big choice in front of you. Picking out the right low voltage contractor is about more than just price or location—it’s about having a company who will do it right the first time and be available for any future needs. Whether you’re looking for a contractor to install a new security system or you want a complete solution with lighting control, motorized shades, audio video, and more, make sure you keep in mind these five characteristics of a quality smart home company in Georgia.


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1.   Licensing

Georgia is notoriously sloppy when it comes to licensing, and it’s not uncommon to come across smart home automation companies without current low voltage licenses. However, any reputable smart home installer will definitely have a low voltage license. The licensing process includes a 90-question exam that assesses the contractor’s knowledge about installation best practices, cable/wiring safety, current regulations for building codes, and more. It requires that each installer proves that they have the skill and knowledge necessary to do a quality, safe job for homeowners.

If the company you’re considering doesn’t have its own low voltage license, it’s a huge red flag. Before you hire any contractor, do your due diligence to confirm that their licensing is current and accurate. Head over to the Georgia Secretary of State website. There, you can do a licensure search by name, license number, profession, or license type in order to verify that the company’s information is accurate.

2.   Insurance

Licensing and insurance go hand in hand, and if a license is missing, the insurance probably will be too. If a contractor’s sloppy work causes damage to your home or one of the workers is injured while at your residence, you could find yourself footing the bill.  But if you’re working with a company that is fully insured, the liability risk is on the company instead of the homeowner. You can rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event that something did go wrong, the smart home company would immediately take care of it.

3.   Experience

Would you leave your vehicle to be fixed by a mechanic who had never worked on cars before?  In almost every profession, experience matters. Smart home automation systems use complex technology, and it takes more than just technical skill to understand how to create a full solution that works together seamlessly. If you want your home’s electronic systems to be done right, choose a low voltage contractor that has at least five years of experience. The more established and experienced your chosen smart home company is, the better.

4.   Full Solution Suite

While you might only want a home theater installation or security system initially, who knows what other smart home technology you might want a year or two from now? While specializing in a certain technology can be a good thing, it’s also great to be able to use the same company for any future projects you have. So be sure to look over their list of services. If they’re a one-trick pony, it might be better to find a smart home company that can do security, audio, video, lighting control, etc. so that you have room to grow with your system.

5.   Quality Customer Service

At the end of the day, you and your family are the ones who will be using this technology on a regular basis. Instead of getting a cookie-cutter, impersonal system installed by someone you’ll never see again, look for a company with a record of quality customer service. The company will design and install a system based on your unique needs and goals for the technology and then be there for you in the future if you ever want an upgrade or ongoing maintenance.

At Southern Cinema, we take care of our customers and do everything we can to create high-quality, intuitive smart home solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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