Top Smart Technologies for Your Georgia Home


If you dream of one day living in a “smart home,” we have good news: smart home technology exists today that can make life much easier and more comfortable for you. The biggest roadblock to upgrading your Buckhead area home probably isn’t a lack of effective technology. Rather, it’s figuring out which areas of your home are most worth upgrading. That’s why we’ve listed out the top three technologies that you should consider starting with.


1. Smart Lighting and Shading

Replace your standard light fixtures and window treatments with versions you can control via smartphone, tablet, or your voice. Watch your energy bill go down and your home’s elegance go up as you take complete control over your lighting.  Dim the light fixtures over dinner time to create ambiance, or have them shift automatically during certain hours of the day.

With motorized shades, you can prevent solar heat gain and maintain privacy in any room of your home.  Keep glares from the television screens or let the natural sunlight in with one press of a button.  Choose from multiple fabrics and patterns to add and enhance the décor of your home, while still benefiting from the practical uses of your shades.

2.  Audio Video Distribution

The average home has media devices all over the place, but not an easy way to control them all from one central interface. In a smart home, every media system is connected for easy management.

Whether in your home theater or the media room, you won’t have to worry about clutter or extra wiring taking over the house.  We can expertly hide any equipment and technology, leaving you with just gorgeous aesthetics and a simple remote or smart device to control your entertainment.  You won’t see a single speaker or cable to hinder your view or mood.  Make your choice from a variety of media selections – your Blu-ray compilation, streaming services, or the radio.

3. A Reliable Home Network

Your router is probably not the first thing you think of when considering upgrading areas of your home, but if you’re going to add in smart devices, it’s essential that you have a robust, secure, and reliable network to support them.

The beauty of smart devices is that they’re all internet-connected, making it easy to control them remotely. But first they have to have easy access to the internet!

That’s one of the main things that sets a professional home automation installation apart from a DIY solution. During the installation, your smart home company will assess the home network and make any needed improvements to ensure every device is able to perform at peak capacity.

Smart home technology is progressing every day.  Learn more about how you can improve your Georgia home to benefit you and your family by contacting us at (770) 888-8848 or online through our contact page.

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