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Considering a Home Theater Installation? Here’s What to Expect


Southern Cinema Can Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams

With any home renovation or construction project, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re getting into. A home theater installation is no exception. If you’ve been considering taking the first step toward adding a private cinema to your Cumming, Georgia area home, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn about our proven process for designing, installing, and maintaining luxury home theaters.

Initial Assessment

Before you jump into the home theater installation process, it’s important to have a clear idea of the scope of the project and the possibilities for your space. That’s why we start every home automation or theater project with a consultation. For existing homes, we can walk through the area and offer recommendations on the best options to fit the size and shape of the room. For planned construction, we can interface directly with the architect and review the building plans. The goal of this initial assessment is to understand your wants and needs as well as develop a plan for making those desires a reality.

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Collaboration with Designers, Architects, Builders, and Other Contractors

Building an exceptional home theater is not a one-person show. Especially for new construction, it’s important for every contractor and company to be on the same page regarding where the projector, screen, and speakers will be located, the wiring requirements for the room, the style of lights along the walls, etc. If you have other contractors involved in the construction and design of your home, you can expect your home theater installer to communicate clearly and frequently with them to ensure that the project goes smoothly every step of the way.


Plan Finalization

After the initial assessment and communication with other involved contractors, we can start diving deeper into the specifics of your theater. At this point, we can help you decide on the best equipment and setup based on the unique factors of your chosen space: the goals for design, whether the room will have other purposes, the number of seats you want, etc. During this phase of the project, we can iron out any details that aren’t yet set in stone so that you have a clear idea of how the home theater will sound, look, and feel once the installation is completed.


Full Installation

Once all of the plans have been finalized, it’s time for the hands-on work to begin! We start the home theater installation by making sure your home has a solid and reliable foundation for watching movies by assessing the network and wiring in the room. We carefully place the A/V equipment, seats, control panels, and other elements throughout the room in a way that ensures a quality movie-watching experience no matter where you sit.


Final Optimization

Having all the components in place and working isn’t enough for a truly great home theater, which is why we do thorough testing of the room’s acoustics, viewing angles, and equipment. If there are any dead spots or less than ideal visual quality, we tweak the settings to improve the overall experience. And because we know that even the most powerful technology isn’t any good if it isn’t easy to use, we program your system to be as intuitive and simple to operate as possible.

Ongoing Service and Support

We pride ourselves on making every client a client for life. That’s because if something goes wrong with your system or you need an upgrade to the latest technology, we’re just one phone call away.

Our home theater installation methodology has been polished and refined over the course of almost two decades. We take great care in designing and installing luxury cinemas that are tailored to fit each client’s lifestyle and personality. Ready to start on your own customized theater? Give us a call at 770.888.8848 or fill out this short contact form today.


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