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How to Enjoy the Best 3D Theater Experience From Home


Find the Right 3D Equipment for Your Custom Home Theater

In 2019, there’ll be no shortage of massive 3D blockbuster releases from Avengers: End Game to the live action Lion King movie. Not only that, but some of the biggest 2018 blockbusters are now available in 3D Blu-ray including Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts.

Even though the multiplex is the most immersive way to enjoy 3D, there are times when you’ll want to watch it in the comfort of home instead. During our time serving Buckhead, GA and the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, we’ve made this possible by installing state-of-the-art 3D home theaters. Our theaters offer the best quality, convenience, and reliance. Here are some of the things we take into consideration during all our installations.

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Since most 3D TVs have been discontinued, you’ll need to go with a projector-and-screen combination. Thankfully, in recent years many 3D-enabled projectors have significantly improved when it comes to resolution and clarity.

We look for the same indicators that you would in any theater: high resolution, brightness, and easy operability. When testing out the projector, though, we make sure it offers the same quality in normal mode and 3D mode. We also check to see if it is compatible with the 3D sources you want to use whether it’s a Blu-ray player or a gaming console.


All our home theaters include high-end AV receivers to accomplish Dolby Atmos surround sound. During your installation, it’s important that your receiver be 3D compliant to get the full signal from your source component through. You also want to make sure you’re using HDMI 2.0a connectivity or higher between your receiver and projector to get 3D video with full HDR.


Although you don’t need a specialty screen for your 3D home theater, we do recommend using a high-gain screen. Even with the best projector, your 3D glasses will significantly dim the image (much like they do in a commercial theater). You’ll need a screen that reflects the signal from your projector while rejecting ambient light, so you have a brighter image to begin with. Size is also particularly important since you need a display that covers most of your field of vision to get the full 3D effect.


The best bet is to go with a 3D Blu-ray player, and there is no company more reliable in that area than Sony. There are more than 500 3D Blu-ray discs already available. Get updates directly from the Blu-ray website to find out when your favorite movies are becoming available in 3D. There are even some high-end Blu-ray players that can upscale 2D content to 3D. Though most cable providers have discontinued their 3D channels, there is some 3D streaming content available on Vudu and YouTube.

The Glasses

Home theater technology still relies on glasses to get 3D content to work. Not all 3D glasses are the same, but we can help you find the ones that will work best with your equipment. Most importantly, estimate how many people may be watching at once to make sure you have enough for everyone. As technology continues to develop for consumer displays that would not require glasses, we’ll keep our clients up to date and help them make the necessary upgrade down the line.

Do you want to enjoy the 3D experience with the rest of the family without having to deal with crowded theaters? Take advantage of one of our 3D home theater installations customized to meet your space’s needs and limitations. To get started, call us at (770) 888-8848 or fill out our online contact form.

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