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4 Ways a Consultant Helps You Improve Your Smart Home


Work With a Home Automation Professional to Optimize Your Technology

Everyone’s gone into a DIY project full of confidence at some point in their lives and quickly found themselves in over their heads. Smart home technology is no exception in that regard. No one could blame you considering they promote these devices to be easy plug-and-play upgrades for speakers, thermostats, and more.

Novices may be able to do initial setups, but optimizing these devices and getting them to work together requires some additional time and expertise. That’s why we recommend reaching out to a home automation consultant in the St. Augustine, FL area to get your technology set up just right. This blog highlights the ways they improve your smart home and how to choose the right consultant.

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Bring All Your Technology Together

Getting all of your brand-new devices working together is typically the toughest part of a smart home installation. Each device may work well on its own but not communicate with others, ending up in a disjointed smart home that requires multiple apps to function.

home automation consultant can create a comprehensive solution placing all your technology on one intuitive interface. They even create smart scenes that activate multiple devices simultaneously: imagine a “Good Night” scene that closes the shades, turns off lights, and locks all the doors.

Make Sure You’re Using the Best Devices

Your home automation consultant advises you on the best smart devices available. After years of installing smart technology, they know which companies can be trusted to provide products that are safe, reliable, and easy to use.

Not only do they find the best components for the job but ensure they’re all compatible with each other. Do you have particular manufacturers that you like for speakers, lights, thermostats or TVs? A professional consultant will work with you to find room for them in your home automation system. 

Add the Proper Wiring Backbone

Most smart devices promote themselves for their wireless capabilities, but you’ll need a hardwired installation to get them to work together. You’ll need pre-wiring for your AV, networking, and lighting for a reliable solution that is easy to expand down the line. A home automation consultant will let you know where you need wiring, which types of cables to use, and ensure everything is up to code.

Get a Run-Through of Your Home

Technology is complicated to figure out on the first try, especially if you’re relying on a technical user’s manual. Smart home technology is no different and can be particularly frustrating since it usually deals with features you’ll want to use daily. Consultants aren’t there just to help with the installation; they’ll also train you and your family on how to use your system.

How to Choose the Right Consultant

Employing a home automation consultant may be an easy choice but finding the right one is more difficult. Now that smart devices have become so popular, many companies have cropped up trying to make a few bucks. Do you know what to look for to find one you can trust?

Experience needs to be a top priority. Don’t go for a consultant that has only been around for a few months and may not have a lot of installations under their belt. Find companies with at least five years’ experience and that showcase some of their work on their website, so you get a feel for what they do. Also, check to see if they have the required licensing and insurance.  

Research if they offer all the services and products you want. You will have a better smart home experience if one company takes care of the entire installation. That’s why it’s important to find a home automation consultant that serves as a one-stop shop for all your technology needs.

Are you ready to reach out to your local home automation consultant to optimize your smart technology? Southern Cinema has over 20 years of experience providing custom solutions for clients in Florida and Georgia. Reach out to us by calling (904) 824-8488 or filling out our contact form.

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