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Is It Time to Install a Wireless Network?


Prepare Strong Connections for All Your AV and Smart Control Devices

Earlier this year, Bowers & Wilkins released their Formation Suite: high-end wireless audio products designed for music and home theater use. It’s surprising because Hi-Fi audio fans have long held onto a simple truth: wireless isn’t as good as hardwired. But as technology changes, it’s clear that wireless networking may be the future of your home entertainment and automation system. Is it time for a wireless upgrade? Find out how our home networking services, available from Buckhead GA to St. Augustine FL, help you build a strong, reliable wi-fi network.

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Wireless Isn’t What it Used to Be

Hardwired networks used to be the best way to maintain reliable service. But thanks to advancements in routers, switches, and wireless access points, many homeowners are enjoying robust service without the need for an invasive installation.

One of the biggest problems with wireless networking used to be accessibility. Routers would broadcast signals throughout the entire property. Issues arose when your devices were installed too far away. The further away from the router, the weaker the signal became. Signal boosters and range extenders helped a little, but they didn’t amplify the signal, they just stretched it farther.

More recently, mesh networking has improved the speed, efficiency, and connectivity of wireless systems. Rather than a single router broadcasting the signal, multiple nodes are strategically placed throughout the property. These nodes send signals to one another, without any deterioration. The more nodes you have, the broader your range becomes.

Moreover, Zigbee and Z-Wave have changed the way smart home devices connect to one another. They don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi at all — these formats facilitate direct connections between devices that won’t eat up bandwidth. You can continue to surf the web and stream content without slowing down your smart home.

Don’t Count Out Hardwired Solutions

Of course, if you think wireless is the way to go, you could be missing out on the full picture. While wireless has improved, a hardwired solution is still more secure and reliable. Plus, hardwired networks tend to require less maintenance over time, so they’re generally lower cost after the initial investment.

A hardwired network installation accounts for the devices you have in your home now, and the ones you’ll probably add later. And structured cabling solutions make it easy to service and upgrade over time.

Ultimately, the world is going wireless. So, why don’t you combine the best of both worlds?

At Southern Cinema Design, we craft custom solutions to fit your needs. Whether you have a multi-story home in Buckhead or a penthouse apartment in Atlanta, our networking solutions will work for you.

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