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5 Creative Home Theater Design Concepts


There’s no need to go to the town cinema when your own home theater will do the trick – and with much more luxury and immersion! Picking a top-notch 4K TV screen or projector and installing controlled lighting makes your theater fit specifically for you.  But what gives it the certain element of style that draws everyone in and has them set to watch a movie, just as if they were in a commercial cinema?  Deciding upon a theme for your theater is key to completing the feel and aesthetic you want for you and your guests.

We’ve listed out below five home theater designs that will bring life and character to your Buckhead, GA theater.

Nature’s Style
You might consider yourself an “outdoorsy” person, or find yourself enjoying more time spent outside engaging with the wilderness.   Either way, spending time watching movies may be what you want, but it leaves you longing for nature.  Bring the feel of the outdoors into your home by incorporating it into your theater’s style.  Install a “starry night” ceiling by hanging twinkling lights above you and your guests that gives the feel that you are outside stargazing.  With faux trees, grass carpeting, and speakers disguised as rocks, you can truly make your theater feel like nature has invaded the premises for good.


Drive-In to the Past
Take yourself back to the good ol’ days, when drive-in theaters were at the height of popularity.  Bring the vintage-feel to your home theater by installing the same starry sky and grass carpet, but also put in car-shaped seating.  With amazing designs that actually look like vintage cars, you can feel like you’re sitting in front of a huge screen, parked front and center to watch the latest blockbuster.  Add retro movie posters to your walls, and include a candy counter fixed with milkshakes and freshly popped popcorn.  Snuggle up in your blankets and put on some old movies to enjoy, instantly taking you back in time.

Favorite Film Inspiration
Sometimes, all it takes is one movie or “fandom” to inspire a love for films.  If you want to be constantly reminded of your favorite, why not integrate it into your theater design?  Showcase your love for Star Wars with special Millennium Falcon-designed seating, put up a poster of Hogwarts to encapsulate your obsession with Harry Potter, or add forest decorations to feel like you’re right in the middle of the Shire.  It’s everything you love about movies – brought to life before your very eyes, to make sure you have the most immersive viewing experiences of all time.

Sports Showtime
With football season in full swing, you’ll want to utilize your home theater to catch every bit of the action.  With an option of one massive screen or multiple ones to see various games on, you can guarantee you’ll be in the know of any game or team playing.  Hang up sports memorabilia, decorate with your favorite team’s logos and mascot, and add a refreshments counter so you and your guests never miss a play while filling up drinks and stocking up on food.

A Night at the Opera
Maybe you want to feel the lushness and luxuriance an opera house can evoke.  Install velvety chairs, golden curtains and drapes, and an extravagant chandelier to give your theater a lavish appeal.  Include sculptures, the proper décor, and a stage to create a magnificent theatrical-look viewers won’t ever forget, and that will no doubt leave them preferring their own home to an actual opera house.

Are any of these five designs perfect for your home theater?  Find the ideal home theater design by contacting us at (770) 888-8848 or online.

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