3 Ways to Give Your Network Speed and Security a Boost


Now that everything from the TV to the refrigerator is connected to the internet, you wouldn’t be crazy to assume there’s just not enough to go around.

When your connections exceed your available bandwidth, it can cause slowdowns and blackouts for your system.

Plus, with all these available devices searching the internet, your home could become a target of malicious attacks.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog, to show you ways you can increase the speed and security of your Georgia smart home with your next network installation upgrade.

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Hardwired Networks

While wireless technology is revolutionizing the way many devices operate, it still doesn’t yet compare to the benefits of a hardwired network.

Not only is wireless less reliable, meaning you could see less-than-4K quality or hear subpar audio, but it’s also less secure.

Wireless connections are easier to hack than hardwired ones – making them vulnerable to all kinds of problems.

In most cases, hardwired networks can’t be hacked unless they’re physically attacked, so you’ll have less to worry about.


Mesh Networks

A network typically works when a single router is connected to the different devices throughout your home.

As you can guess, the further away a device is, the less powerful the internet signal.

However, a mesh network solves that problem. Instead of a single router connected to the internet, a mesh network consists of nodes dispersed throughout your home.

Each node connects to the internet and broadcasts a signal, which strengthens connections all over your home.

Mesh networks can be hardwired or wireless, so you can enjoy faster speeds on every device.


Device Prioritization

Many people think simply connecting a device to your system will ensure its function. That’s true to an extent, but it doesn’t account for how important the device is.

For instance, your security system may be more important to you than your thermostat. So, when your system sends signals, it should prioritize those first.

Device prioritization helps manage bandwidth, so you can get the most out of each function.


Anti-Virus and Firewall

Of course, some of the best ways to keep your network at top speeds is just by preventing any malware or other problems from reaching it in the first place.

For that, the classic solutions are often the best. Anti-virus software does much more than just catch viruses – it’s on the lookout to catch and quarantine malware, spyware, and adware that can shut down or compromise your security.

Also, a strong firewall will keep anyone from accessing your internet from the outside.

Want to learn more smart ways to boost your network security and speed? Just click here!


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