When is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Home Network?


Any device in your home that uses the internet will only run as well as the network supporting it.
In the best home networks, that means every piece of technology operates quickly and at full capacity, no matter where or how you use it.
If you aren’t sure whether your Alpharetta, GA residence needs a new network installation, we’ll share a few sure-fire signs that it’s time for an upgrade. Find out more below.

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1) Your Internet Seems To Be Slow

If you have multiple devices simultaneously connected to the internet, slow performance is a huge warning sign of an underperforming network.
Perhaps you notice streams you watch or listen to often pause for buffering or that commands you give your smart home have a lull before reaching the intended device.
You may be tempted to call up your ISP and complain in those scenarios, but the culprit is likely your network. Your router may not be able to handle the sheer amount of bandwidth your family demands. Luckily, you have an option readily available.
You can have a professional install a new router that supports massive amounts of traffic with dual-band capabilities so that your devices have the operating room to work at full speed.
A dual-band router also can spread your internet bandwidth across two separate channels, meaning that your devices will use whichever channel is utilizing the least amount of traffic at the time so it can operate quicker.

2) Your Home Has Wi-Fi “Dead Zones”

If you have trouble accessing your internet from specific areas of your property, it’s likely because that space is a dead zone. Simply put, your router’s signal does not efficiently reach that area, and you’re stuck with weak Wi-Fi.
With a complete network installation, your home’s internet can cover every area of your property – including a garage or backyard.
In addition to upgrading your router, we can install wireless access points throughout your property.
Each access point will connect to your router, serving as a fresh Internet signal source for the area it’s located near. You can cover every area of your residence and not have to worry again about Wi-Fi reception.

3) You Want To Add New Smart Home Devices

Holiday season is upon us, after all, and that means you might be bringing new devices into your home.
Amazon Echo, wireless speakers and even 4K Ultra HD TVs all are great smart home gift ideas, but they all are devices that will be using your home’s network.
Even if you don’t plan on any adding new smart home technology to your residence in the short-term, it’s best to prepare for the future.
Upgrading your network to support new devices only will mean that they will operate at their best from the moment you start using them.

If you think your Georgia home could benefit from a new network installation, we can help.
To find out more about how you can upgrade your home network, all you need to do is call (770) 888.8848 or click below.

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