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How Smart Home Automation Simplifies the Holiday Season


Enjoy a Smarter Approach to Family Gatherings

As we say goodbye to summer there’s still plenty of 2018 left to enjoy. But before you know it, the pumpkins are carved, the turkey is roasting, and you’re cleaning up torn wrapping paper from under the tree.
In other words, the holiday season is right around the corner.

But you don’t have to worry, your smart home automation system has got your back. From simplifying safety to enhancing the mood of every gathering, integrated technology makes your holidays more fun and easier than ever.
Want to learn how you can turn your Saint Augustine property into a holiday paradise with the touch of a button? Just keep reading to learn more.

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When You’re Hosting a Party

Whether you’re building the spookiest haunted house on the block or you’re preparing the finest Thanksgiving feast your family has ever seen, the holidays bring a lot of extra foot traffic to your property.

That means you’ll need a home that’s both safe and comfortable. Integrated technology allows you to enhance both with a single control device.

Integrated comfort controls like lighting, shading, and thermostat make it easy to adjust settings from anywhere in your home. As the sun goes down, your outdoor lights can automatically raise to keep your property visible. If it gets too cold outside, you can simply swipe on your tablet to raise the temperature indoors.

But integrated controls aren’t limited to mere practical applications – they’re also a lot of fun. For instance, you can adjust the hue setting on many LED lighting fixtures to create a haunting look for your Halloween party. Or get into the holiday spirit with a little red and white cheer – rather than stringing up lights and putting a plastic Santa on the roof this year.

While You’re Away

Of course, some folks prefer to ditch the comfort of the north Florida sun and visit family or friends during the season. If you’ve upgraded with smart automation, you can trust your home will remain safe.

A single tap will set your property into “vacation” mode – non-essential electronics shut off, all integrated locks secure, and your surveillance system activates for full coverage of your entire property.

When you want to see what’s going on at home, you can stream real-time footage directly to your smartphone or tablet. If someone you trust stops by, you can easily let them in remotely by engaging one of your integrated locks.
Plus, sensors and alarms will help you know if anyone tries to break in while you’re out – so you can notify the proper authorities before any real damage is done.

How else can smart home automation help enhance your holidays? There are plenty of ways!

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