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What to Look for in a Home Pre-Wiring Contractor


Southern Cinema is Sandy Springs, Georgia’s Home Pre-Wiring Expert

Constructing new homes is often a complicated and time-sensitive process. For home buyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia who want to take advantage of smart home automation systems, the best option is to do the wiring during construction so that the final design is clean, without unsightly wires visible in each room.

The responsibility of finding a reliable home pre-wiring contractor often falls to the home builders, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly if you want high quality, reliable results.  Below, we’ve covered three important aspects of home pre-wiring that your chosen contractor should be able to accomplish with ease:

1. Make the Home Future-Proof

Any home pre-wiring contractor worth their salt knows that technology advances rapidly. When pre-wiring a home, it’s important to lay a foundation that’s ready for both today’s systems and tomorrow’s. By avoiding outdated standards and staying up-to-date on the latest advances in smart home technology, your home pre-wiring contractor can ensure that homeowners can upgrade their smart systems without any issues.

2. Understand the Purpose of Each Room

It’s obvious that a dedicated home theater is going to need different cables than a bedroom, but it’s also worth considering that full smart home automation solutions have changed the pre-wiring requirements for many rooms. Take a bathroom for example. In a traditional home, a bathroom isn’t usually an area that requires wiring other than basic electricity, but in a smart home, a bathroom becomes something entirely different. Hidden mirror TVs, Jacuzzi control, whole home audio systems, and more need to be supported by proper wiring.

3. Provide Accurate Documentation

The documentation provided by your home pre-wiring contractor will be useful for builders and homeowners alike. Especially during the finishing stages of new home construction, knowing exactly what is behind each wall is very valuable. When considering a pre-wiring contractor, ask to see examples of their previous documentation. It should show the floor plans, where the wiring is located, and what type of wiring is available in each room.

If you’re a homeowner or builder seeking home pre-wiring services, give us a call. We handle every aspect of smart home automation from the initial wiring to installation to ongoing support.


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