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A Brief Guide to Setting up an Outdoor Audio System


Upgrade Your Cumming, Georgia Home with Superior Outdoor Audio

The gorgeous summer weather in Cumming, Georgia makes now the perfect time to upgrade your patio or backyard with an audio system. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing outdoor audio equipment, so we have put together this guide on the different aspects of an audio system to ensure your outdoor space has the best sound possible. Read on to learn about the best outdoor audio speakers and how to put those speakers to good use.

Choose the Right Speakers

Outdoor speakers can be tricky because many speakers simply won’t be able to function in an outdoor setting. Outdoor audio systems require speakers that are designed to hold up against harsh weather, which means they need to be waterproof, able to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and be resistant to dirt and grit. They also have to be able to provide clear sound amidst the unstoppable noise of nature: birds, insects, wind, etc.

We recommend Paradigm outdoor speakers, which are engineered to deliver high-end sound from durable enclosures that will withstand extreme weather. Because Paradigm offers such a large variety of speakers for both indoor and outdoor use, you can set up whole home audio using Paradigm everywhere, from your poolside speakers to your home theater.

Pick the Right Locations

It matters where you place your speakers. The location for each speaker will depend on the outdoor acoustics and layout of your outdoor entertainment area, so it’s difficult to offer straightforward advice without knowing the specifics of your unique home. However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Don’t Forget About Design: You don’t want the speakers to be the first thing your guests see as they walk onto your patio. The goal is to have your speakers as hidden as possible without muffling the sound quality. Paradigm offers speakers designed to blend into your outdoor environment, but if you want even more subtlety, TruAudio offers subwoofers that are designed to be almost completely buried.
  • Adequate Coverage is Essential: Making your music heard throughout your backyard isn’t accomplished by cranking up the volume. If you do that, you have unbearably loud areas and areas where you can barely hear. Instead, add more speakers throughout the space. The larger your entertainment space, the more speakers you will need to ensure good sound coverage.
  • Focus Your Sound: You’re installing an outdoor audio system for you, not your neighbors. It’s important to place your speakers so that the sound travels toward your guests, not away from them. Each speaker should be optimized for its location. For example, sound travels easier across the water, so speakers next to the pool might not need to be as loud as the speakers nestled among the trees.

Control Everything Together

Your outdoor audio system should be designed to be as easy to operate as possible. You shouldn’t have to be constantly juggling different remotes for your TV, music system, speakers, etc. Instead, use a centralized control system to manage all of your different A/V components together. Control4’s home automation control system makes it super simple to adjust the sound volume, speaker settings, and music choice through a touchscreen remote. This means you can spend less time trying to set up your music and more time relaxing outdoors.

Transform your Georgia home’s outdoor space into the perfect entertainment spot with an outdoor audio system. For a free consultation with Southern Cinema’s audio experts, call (770) 888-8848 or fill out this quick form today.


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