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The Best Way to Control Your Home Entertainment System


Imagine: you’re ready to sit back and relax for a movie showing in your own home theater or comfortable media room.  Everything is at your leisure, but the numerous remotes and individual media devices can leave you stressed and tired before the film has even begun.

Now imagine controlling every aspect of your media all from one connected and centralized source.  With an integrated home entertainment system, it’s not only possible but also incredibly easy.  Soon, your Alpharetta, GA home will become your number one choice over any commercial theater in town.


Centralized Theatrical Components

To create a home media or cinema room that completely immerses you into a show’s world, you need just the right details.  These are a few of the necessary elements to create a truly engaging viewing experience, and how simple it is to manage every single one.

  • 4K Ultra High-Definition Screen or Projector: Whether you choose a roll-up projector or a wide, flat-screen TV, 4K is the way to go.  With an unprecedented picture quality, you’ll feel like you’re at the movie premiere.  But such hefty screens should be manageable and without you ever having to move from your comfy sofa.

A centralized Control4 system ensures you can operate your projector or TV from one device – whether it be your smartphone or tablet.  Turn on your projector and lower your screen with a press of a button or browse through your entire media collection, all entirely stress-free.

  • Speakers: Your audio is just as important as your screen for you to enjoy a truly immersive experience.  For high-quality audio, a surround system is key.  To raise up the volume or to decide where sound should come from, using the same device that controls your screen makes everything easier.  You won’t have to get up and check the speakers or test your audio manually, and you certainly won’t have to juggle separate remotes for the sound system and projector.
  • Controlled Shades and Lighting: Unless you are in a windowless room, the sun’s rays can pose an interruption to your media room’s perfect view.  With motorized shades, you can lower your window treatments on command or have them automatically work once the sun is directly shining into your home.  With dual shading, you can even install black-out shades, guaranteeing no sunlight enters.

There are various fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you won’t have to compromise style for practicality.  If windows aren’t an issue, you can make controlling your lights easy too.  Dim the lights or shut them off completely as soon as you’re ready to watch something – soon, your home theater has transformed into a more superior cinema than you could ever fathom.

Put It All Together

Every vital piece of your entertainment system brings a riveting movie-going experience in the lush comfort of your own home.  With a Control4 system that gives you absolute control from one source, you can effortlessly enjoy your films and TV shows with zero hassle.

Your next movie-night can be luxurious and relaxing, with no worrying involved.  Learn more by contacting us at (770) 888-8848 or online.


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