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The 8K TV Revolution Is Here!


Upgrade for clarity and more this year

Let’s face it: for many of us, 2020 hasn’t gone according to plan. And for many Saint Augustine, FL homeowners, the strange sports scheduling has made it even more unpleasant. But sports are back -- even if you can’t get out to the stadium. Instead, you can watch the big games from home with all the clarity of viewing them live. The next big thing in home AV is 8K TV, and you can enjoy one in your home right now. Ready to upgrade your monitors for greater levels of detail and more? Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is 8K?

UHD, 4K, OLED… with so many acronyms and initialisms, you'd think you were buying a can of alphabet soup. Actually, all of that jargon on the side of the box indicates dramatically different performance capabilities of your TV. However, it's not always clear what it means and how it can benefit you.

Named for their resolution quality, 8K TVs offer four times the pixel density of 4K. A denser image means no matter where you sit in the room; you can see the action on the screen without any deterioration.

Think of it like bedsheets. Higher thread count sheets are better quality -- softer, more durable, and more comfortable. The pixels in your TV image are like the threads. As you get closer to the TV, it's like stretching out the fabric. Old fashioned 1080p images won't hold up to scrutiny. However, 8K delivers incredible quality, even from up close.

Why 8K?

Why would you invest in an 8K TV? Simple: you can enjoy a bigger image in a smaller room. Southern Cinema designs media rooms and home theaters to fit your needs. If you want to enjoy large-format screens in your home comfortably, 8K provides the resolution you need. Plus, the latest TVs sport wider viewing angles, meaning you can see things clearly even if you're setting off to the display's side.

And if you’re worried about the lack of content, you’re in luck. The latest 8K TVs upscale the image quality. That means even if you’re watching a 4K movie or show, it will look better on the 8K TV. The system automatically, digitally adds pixels for greater density and clarity no matter where you are in the room.

Work with a Local Professional Today

Ready to get more out of this unusual year? You can’t go wrong by building the home theater of your dreams. And that starts by investing in the latest and greatest technology for your home.

When you work with Southern Cinema, you get expert advice and clear guidance to the best solutions for you. Customize, create, and have fun with a system that you'll enjoy for years.

From home theaters to integrated automation, we can transform the technology into your property. Click here or give us a call at 1-404-THEATER.

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