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Which Smart Home Control System Should You Choose?


Control4 Programming Makes Smart Home Automation Easy

In our previous blog on smart home automation, we discussed the different possibilities for how you can automate your home, such as lighting control or whole home audio. But when getting started with a smart home, there’s another choice to make: which control system will you use? Below, you can read about why Control4 programming is the smart choice for your Cumming, GA smart home.

Ease of Use

Control4 has designed their system to be very intuitive and easy to use, both during the initial programming and during everyday use. Everyone knows that the most complex and expensive technology in the world won’t do you any good if it isn’t easy to operate, so Control4 utilizes simple touchscreens and remotes that allow you to manage your home with the push of a single button. All you have to do is tell us what you want the system to do, and we’ll program individual scenes into the Control4 system. Each scene is designed for common situations, such as watching a movie. You just press the “Movie” button, and the shades in your room lower, the lights dim, and your TV pulls up a list of options for you to watch. It’s as simple as that!

Complete Customization

With some smart home control systems, you’re limited on the number or type of devices you can manage. That’s not the case with Control4. Everything from your whole home audio system to the shades in your bedroom can be fully automated and controlled by one touchpad, remote, or smartphone. You’re not stuck with just a few scenes either. The smart control system allows you to adjust individual items, such as the lighting levels in your kitchen or the type of music you’re listening to as you relax by the pool. Our Control4 programming enables you to have the truly customized home lifestyle that you want.


You may not want to go from zero automation to a fully automated smart home, and that’s okay. With Control4, you can start simple with lighting control, outdoor audio, or another application. Then, as you grow accustomed to an automated lifestyle and want to make more aspects of your home smart, Control4 makes it easy to scale to a bigger system. You won’t have to have your entire system reprogrammed; instead, we’ll just add in the new smart element to your existing control network.

If you would like to learn more about smart home automation and the capabilities of a Control4 system, contact us today. We are certified Control4 programmers and installers who work with builders, architects, designers, and homeowners to create exceptional smart home systems in the Georgia area.

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