Spread Holiday Cheer with Music for All to Hear


The holiday season is here! Whether you’re getting ready to host a Christmas feast or a New Year’s bash, having a stellar music playlist is a must-have for setting the party mood. We’ll take it one step further and say that it’s about more than just choosing the right music; it’s about how good that music sounds throughout your home.
A whole house audio system is the ideal way to make sure every area of your Sandy Springs, GA home has amazing sounding music. Below, we cover how a whole house audio system improves on the typical holiday music experience.


Greeting Guests

As soon as your guests arrive, you can open the door and greet them with the sounds of the season. A typical music system wouldn’t have speakers right in the entryway, but with whole house audio, it’s definitely possible! It’s all about creating that holiday atmosphere right from the start.
Once more people arrive and make their way to eat or begin conversing, you can subtly lower the volume using your smartphone or tablet, creating nice background music that doesn’t dominate the party.

Music in Every Room

Plenty of your guests might make their way around your finely decorated home, touring and admiring your hard work.  You can set the music to play throughout your whole house as everyone takes a look around and disperses among the rooms. We recommend setting up specific audio “zones” so that you can select which music you want in each area. You could do the same song throughout the home or pick out music that fits different vibes in different areas.

Become the Holiday DJ

With so many people in one place, there are bound to be differing musical opinions and genre preferences!  Now you can please everyone, as you have complete access to your entire media library on your system.
Take any request and browse through your uploaded CDs, vinyl records, and other selections.  You can even play virtually any song through available streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora.
If someone wants to hear a specific tune, you can simply press a button and make it happen!

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season wear you down.  Planning the ultimate Christmas or New Year’s party can be a breeze with a whole house audio system.  To learn more about this great smart technology, give us a call or fill out our quick contact form for a no-obligation consultation.  Our team would love to hear from you!


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