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Is It Time to Upgrade the Audio/Video in Your Business?


The world has gone digital. High-quality audio and video is no longer something that sets your business above the rest – it’s the basic standard. So if your Atlanta area business is lacking in any kind of digital displays or audio systems (or relying on outdated technology), it’s time to consider whether you’re delivering the best customer experience possible. Restaurants, retail stores, lobbies, car dealerships, and more—explore the ways that your Georgia business could benefit from an audio video installation.

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Enhance the Ambiance

Having a clunky TV or jumbles of cords and audio equipment in plain sight is a pretty good way to detract from the overall look and feel of your business. On the other hand, sleek, high-definition screens expertly mounted on the walls combined with hidden speakers portray your company as a reputable business.

Digital displays, in particular, make it easy to keep your company’s image fresh and exciting. You can reinforce your brand with dynamic advertisements on the walls or keep it simple with abstract artwork. If you’re running a current promotion, you don’t have to keep investing money in print displays that you’ll just have to throw away at the end of the month. Instead, upload the image or video to your digital display, then swap it for a different promotion the next month.

Engage Your Customers

Especially for environments with waiting areas for customers, such as car dealerships or office lobbies, it’s important to deliver the best experience possible. Give your customers something to watch while they wait by adding a large screen TV. For more multi-purpose environments, a distributed audio system with hidden speakers can help fill the silence with music that matches your company’s vibe.

You could take your digital displays one step further by incorporating interactive touchscreens. Allow your waiting customers to play simple games or peruse your store’s offerings simply by tapping on the glass.

Save Time and Effort

Your customers aren’t the only people who stand to benefit from an audio video installation. A technology upgrade can make life easier for your staff as well. Recent advances in technology have made it much simpler to manage all of the different audio and video components throughout a building.

At the start of the day, your staff shouldn’t have to walk throughout the building, manually turning on digital signage or sound systems, selecting the right media, adjusting the volume, etc. Instead, the process can be as simple as pressing a single button on a sleek touchscreen. All of the equipment is connected to one central system that allows employees to manage everything remotely.

At Southern Cinema, our approach is to design the audio video installation that makes sense for your business’ needs. To learn more about the different options that could work for you, contact us by calling 770.888.8848, filling out this brief form, or using the live chat window at the bottom of the screen.

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