An Audiophile’s Guide to Wireless Audio Systems


All the Bells and Whistles of Sonos with Better Sound Quality

Wired vs. wireless is a contentious topic in the world of high-performance audio. On the one hand, nothing beats the quality of a wired system. On the other hand, wireless audio systems offer so much more in terms of conveniences and clean design. Those two wireless features have helped to put Sonos on the map as one of the most popular audio systems on the market, but audiophiles in the Alpharetta, Georgia area are then faced with a choice: go for the lesser sound quality of a Sonos system or the reduced feature set of a high-quality system.

But what if you didn’t have to make that choice? If you want the best of both worlds, our recommendation goes to Dynaudio.

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Why Dynaudio?

Southern Cinema has been in the high-performance audio and video business since 1997. In that time, we’ve explored quite a few different audio brands. There are so many fantastic speaker manufacturers out there, but we’re focusing on Dynaudio today because of one particular feature: its wireless capabilities. Many brands produce speakers with stellar sound, and many brands have finessed the wireless side of the equation. Dynaudio has done both.

The Sound

Dynaudio has speaker solutions for both audio professionals and homeowners. In other words, if you want the audio quality that the pros have, you should go with Dynaudio. The audio company has been researching and testing new ways to improve sound quality and speaker design since the 1970s, with a focus on replicating musical authenticity as closely as possible. In recent years, they’ve incorporated wireless technology and ease of use into their R&D. What this means is that they’re a high-performance audio company first, so you know the speakers are built from the ground up with audio quality in mind.

The Ease of Use

The days of completely analog audio are at an end. With a multi-room music system (or even a dedicated listening room), the expectation is that you should be able to pull out your smartphone, select the music you want, and immediately hear it. You don’t have to rely on a physical music collection or spend 10 minutes fiddling with different equipment, trying to get everything set up to listen to a specific album.

Dynaudio allows you to connect speakers to virtually any source wirelessly. Stick with one room or use their Connect product to set up a multi-room system. And best of all, you can cut out all those extra cables and wires, sticking with just sleek, impressive speakers that keep the room’s design clean and simple.

How to Get Dynaudio

Dynaudio’s products are available through authorized dealers such as Southern Cinema. If you’d like to learn more about the options for adding a wireless audio system to your Georgia home, we encourage you to call us at 770.888.8848 or fill out this quick contact form. We can walk you through the possibilities that make sense for your lifestyle.


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