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It’s that time of year again – the air gets chilly, your neighbors are in a jolly mood, and everyone’s decorating their homes with bright, gaudy colors. No, we’re not talking about the holidays – we’re talking about the start of football season!

The action on the gridiron is happening now, and that means you’ll need to upgrade your home entertainment system if you want to cheer on the Falcons the right way.

From incredible sound quality that makes you fee like you’re on the sidelines at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, to pixel-perfect image clarity that will seeing better than the refs, you can’t go wrong with these AV upgrades.

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If you’ve been following any developments in display technology over the past five years, you likely know about the 4K revolution. Also known as “Ultra HD,” 4K offers four times the pixel density of 1080p HD.

And you may have heard about high-dynamic range. HDR widens the gamut between the brightest white and darkest black visible on screen, allowing for thousands of new gradients of color to show. The picture looks more realistic than ever before.

But for sports fans, perhaps the most exciting technology many television displays are using now is a high frame rate setting. HFR is specifically meant for sports viewing, and it makes it easier to follow the action.

You see, while most movies are shot and played back at 24 frames per second (creating a “cinematic” look), sports games are shot at 60 fps. That flattens out the image and captures movement without blurring.

The problem is, the broadcast is modified and played back on your TV at 24 fps. Some TVs offer a “sports” setting, that artificially doubles the number of frames (48), but in either case, your TV is prone to juddering and blurring when movement gets too fast.

HFR is a setting that increases the playback framerate to 60 FPS, which enhances the way you see the images. Along with 4K and HDR, HFR makes it one step closer to feeling like you’re at the stadium.

Immersive Audio

Additionally, immersive audio creates a three-dimensional soundscape for any situation. Primarily used for movie viewing, the immersion isn’t limited to the latest Die Hard or Mad Max release. You can get in the game with surround sound that completely envelopes you.

Strategically placed speakers will help. In a traditional surround sound system, speakers (or channels) are placed in front of and behind you. One channel sits directly below the display for dialogue.

In an immersive setup, two or more additional speakers are installed overhead. Firing downward, they help create the 3D effect.

Of course, some homeowners might not love the idea of ceiling-mounted speakers. In those cases, you can find up-firing speakers that use the natural reflection of the room to create the same effect.

Want to learn more about how technology can transform your home entertainment system this holiday season? Just click here.

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