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Create the Ultimate Sonic Experience Anywhere in Your Home

One of the easiest New Year’s Resolutions you can commit to is listening to more music. Very few people realize the benefits of putting on their favorite records anywhere in the house. Even just a few minutes a day enhances your concentration, reduce stress, and of course make you happier.

Ready to take on what will likely be one of the easiest resolutions of 2019? Elevate your listening experience with a multi-room audio solution in your St. Augustine, FL home. This technology makes it easy to pull up and enjoy music at anytime, anywhere. Variety, convenience, and quality all come together with the following steps:

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1. Wiring Foundation

Every whole home audio setup should begin, if possible, during construction. Readying your system requires adding cabling to all your rooms, shared living areas and outdoor spaces. You’ll then be able to add receivers, speakers, and source components easily down the line. Cable quality is vital for both your AV and networking components. Work with an expert to ensure you cover all the areas where you want to listen to music.

2. Distributed Audio Systems

Listen to your favorite music sources in all of your home’s rooms using this cabling foundation and a dedicated Control4 audio matrix or Sonos amplifier. Place these components in a dedicated AV closet they’ll then relay your signals to speakers throughout the house. If you enjoy streaming music, these two options include access to Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and more. For smaller systems spanning a few rooms, use an AV receiver from Anthem or Sony to broadcast the signal.

3. Specialized Speakers

Once you have the necessary foundation for your multi-room audio, it’s time to add speakers for any occasion! The audio needs of your bathroom, patio, and home theater are drastically different. You need to consider that. 

Your home theater or listening rooms deserve high-end speakers from Paradigm. For areas geared more for background music, we recommend discreet in-ceiling and in-wall solutions from JBL Synthesis. Want to enjoy music in your patio or backyard? Klipsch offers some great speakers optimized to handle the elements and provide powerful outdoor sound.

4. Convenient Centralized Control

Of course, the real key to stepping up your music game is having easy access to all your favorite artists and albums at your fingertips. Control4 and Sonos both offer intuitive apps that let you choose from a variety of sources then pick the room or rooms you want them to play. Adjust volume as needed in each area depending on varying ambient noise.

With Control 4 multi-room audio, you get a variety of other options. Use elegant in-wall keypads, Amazon Alexa, or handheld remotes to pull up specific albums, songs, or streaming services. Each system is customizable, so you can choose what makes the most sense to you. Are you ready to create the ultimate musical household? Embrace a multi-room audio solution that offers easy access to all of your favorites. To get started, set up a one-on-one consultation with us by calling (904) 824-8488 or filling out our online contact form.

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