How To Get the Most From Whole Home Audio

Easy advice to help you get quality sound in any room, anytime you want it

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Easy advice to help you get quality sound in any room, anytime you want it

From your favorite music to the soundtrack from a beloved movie or the roar of the crowd during a big game, sound is an essential and inescapable element of your home life. A whole house audio system can help you merge all those disparate outputs into one interface while also adding new options for entertaining and relaxation. But where do you start, or how can make sure your system is working as well as it could be? We have some ideas for homeowners in the Alpharetta area of Georgia, and we invite you to read on to see if these tips can improve your home audio experience.


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The key question when it comes to whole house audio gear is whether you want wireless speakers or wired ones (or a mix of both varieties). Both types of speakers have advantages and disadvantages. Wireless speakers are easier to place and install since they can go almost anywhere in your home, and they are often less expensive than high-end wired speakers. However, the lack of a solid connection between components can occasionally cause glitches, and if you really want to rock the house, you’ll want wired speakers.

The other critical component in your whole house audio setup is your receiver. This is the device that manages all your audio inputs and distributes the signals wherever they need to go. Your receiver needs will depend on how many inputs you have and how many speakers you have installed. If all you want is to listen to music from one source in any room, lower-end receivers will get the job done while keeping costs down. If, however, you have a more complicated setup (maybe your system includes your home theater, or you want to listen to different audio outputs in different areas), you’ll need more advanced hardware.



Your audio system is only as good as the network that supports it, especially when it comes to wireless speakers. The increasing number of connected devices in our homes puts an extra burden on your network, and an inadequate network leads to spotty connections and other technical hassles you don’t want. To that end, having a professional take a look at your network and give it a boost is vital to getting the most from whole house audio. Let us come in and make sure your network can handle whatever you throw at it.



One of the goals of whole house audio is to make it easier for you to control what you’re listening to, and that can’t happen if you have an unwieldy control interface. You want a control system that’s simple, reliable and can adapt to any future upgrades or changes you make. We recommend Control4 when it comes to control systems; their products are easy to use and are compatible with thousands of third-party devices and systems, including Spotify and Apple Music.



If you’re interested in learning more about whole house audio or are ready to get a system installed, we can make sure all your needs are met. For more information, call us at (770) 888-8848, visit our showroom at 105 Canton Road Cumming, GA 30040, or fill out our online contact form.

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