Designing the Perfect Backyard Living Space


What’s summer without a movie under the stars? Or a big family cookout in the backyard?

Whether you’re a homebody who loves top-quality movies and music or a Sandy Springs beach bum who’s waited all year to get outside, you don’t have to leave your favorite media content behind.

Especially when you invest in a high-performance outdoor audio video installation. Of course, not all systems are created equal. You’ll need the right components to make your system truly special.

In this blog, we’ll show you some simple ways to get the most out of your outdoor spaces this year. Read on for more!

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Streaming Audio

There are four main components to an outdoor audio system. Here, we’ve listed the primary devices you’ll need to enjoy high-resolution sound:

Speakers: Perhaps the most obvious component of any sound system, outdoor speakers don’t have to dominate your space. Whether discreetly disguised to look like outdoor natural features or hidden among the foliage, outdoor speakers offer audible detail without cluttering your yard.

Subwoofer: A subwoofer is a type of speaker designed to handle low notes. Outdoor subs tend to be buried or semi-buried in the yard or beneath the deck. They’re designed to offer a level of depth to your sound for a more resonant experience.

Source: While some larger systems may involve a separate source specifically designed for outdoor spaces, most systems can connect to the same receiver you use inside the house. That means you can stream the same playlists and collections you enjoy with your whole home audio system.

Outdoor Amplifier: If you connect your outdoor system with an indoor source, you may need an amplifier to ensure the signal remains strong. Underground amps mean you don’t have to worry about a signal losing its power on its way to your backyard.


High-Quality Video

There are three main ways you can enjoy crisp, 4K Ultra HD in your backyard. We’ve listed them below.

Front-Projector:  A typical theater setup features a front projector that sits behind the viewers and fires forward. In a darkened home theater, the beam is bright enough to reflect clearly off a white screen. But outside, the you’ll need an ultra-bright projector and high-contrast screen to ensure the image is strong enough to combat ambient light.

Rear-Projector: Instead of placing the projector behind the viewer, you can place a rear-projector behind a light-filtering screen for a sharper, brighter image. Rear-projectors are common in backyard and poolside setups because they feature more space and a harder-to-disrupt viewing experience.

Ultra-Bright TV: The third type of display that’s common in outdoor spaces are ultra-bright 4K TV displays. Most outdoor TVs feature durable, waterproof casing and full Ultra HD presentation so you can enjoy your backyard in the same way you enjoy your media room.

Want to learn more about designing the ultimate outdoor audio video system? Contact us today!

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