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How to Prepare Your Backyard for Summer Festivities


The Right Technology Can Transform Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Ready to bask in the warm weather but not sure what’s the best way to take advantage of your outdoor living spaces? Unleash your backyard’s full potential this summer with outdoor AV and lighting that lets you easily entertain both family and friends outside. Transform it into a thrilling space where you listen to music, watch movies, or even host a tailgate for the Falcons’ season opener.

In this blog, we’ll outline the speakers, displays, and lighting solutions that breathe new life into your Alpharetta, GA, backyard. Refined control and specialized equipment make it easy for you to enjoy high-performance audio and video all the time!

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Outdoor Speakers

Is there a better way to relax after a rough day at work than by having a drink in your backyard while listening to some calming music? Vibrant outdoor sound is possible with the right equipment and layout. Avoid using indoor speakers and instead, opt for ones specifically designed for outdoor use.

Enclosed within rust-proof material and expertly sealed, outdoor speakers survive in the most extreme of temperatures. Having a tight enclosure also protects them from dust, debris, and water. Rely on powerful landscape speakers that will blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. They should be evenly spread out in your backyard to offer a uniform, high-performance sound throughout you’re your outdoor space. 

Outdoor Displays

Televisions face even more challenges when it comes to outdoor use. In outdoor displays, you’ll find the same essential elements as speakers to avoid rust and protect the screen from water, insects and even humidity. Sunlight, though, is a particular problem for outdoor displays.

Televisions designed for outdoor use are on average 50% brighter than indoor displays to function efficiently in sunlit environments. How and where you plan on using your screen will make a difference since most outdoor TV manufacturers offer various models depending on whether you’ll use them in the shade, partial shade, or direct sunlight. 

Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports without sacrificing quality. Each display model offers 4K video resolution, HDR and high-contrast for a stunningly lifelike image.

Landscape Lighting

Upgrade your landscape lighting as well to ensure your outdoor living spaces don’t go to waste once the sun sets. Program your outdoor fixtures to come on as soon as the sun goes down, so your family and guests are never left in the dark. Have fixtures linked to motion sensors lining your pathways so they turn on when people walk through them.

Adding a layered lighting design and intuitive controls not only results in safer spaces, but you’ll be enhancing your home’s overall curb appeal as well. Easily adjust lighting according to your activities through a mobile app, touchpad, or waterproof remote. There are a variety of lighting, AV and control features that can completely transform your outdoor spaces. We custom design each of our outdoor living solutions to match our clients’ needs. To learn more, speak with one of our experts by calling us at (770) 888-8848 or filling out our contact form.

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