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Which Type of Home Entertainment System is Best?


Find the Media Setup that Fits Your Lifestyle

Home theaters, outdoor entertainment systems, multi-purpose media rooms… There are a lot of different ways to customize the way you enjoy movies, television, music, and games in your Cumming, Georgia property. But with so many options to choose from, homeowners are faced with a big question: which one is best? Well, the answer to that question depends entirely on your lifestyle and needs. Below, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular home entertainment systems.

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Private Home Cinema

A growing trend among homes in the Georgia area is to dedicate an entire room to the enjoyment of movies. There’s a reason for this: when you have a room solely focused on theater design, you can create the perfect environment for watching movies. With the acoustics and visuals optimized, it enhances the movie-watching experience and creates that immersive environment you’d expect from a commercial theater. So if you’re not satisfied with watching the latest Oscar winner from your living room couch, then a dedicated home theater might be a worthwhile upgrade for you.

Multi-purpose Media Room

As awesome as it is to have an immersive cinema in your home, it may not be practical to devote an entire room to just that purpose. Instead, consider a multi-purpose environment that holds all your home entertainment systems, from the television to the gaming consoles to the virtual golf setup! This type of room requires an expert’s eye to design the space with just the right acoustics so that you still get great audio and visuals, no matter what activity you’re doing. It’s also a great opportunity for hidden technology – you could have a projector and screen lower from the ceiling when you want to watch a movie, then ascend out of sight whenever not in use.

Outdoor Entertainment

With Georgia’s gorgeous weather, it makes sense to spend as much time outside as possible. If you have a quality outdoor audio video setup, you’ll definitely get more use out of your backyard or patio area. It’s best to design the entertainment system to fit the space – in some areas, an outdoor theater is a great way to entertain friends and family, but for other spots, a 4K TV is a better fit. Add in landscape audio for surround sound or background music. If you’re looking for a way to make your outdoor areas more enjoyable, an AV system is the way to go.

Whole Home AV Distribution

You shouldn’t have to be limited to a certain area to enjoy your media. At the same time, having a TV and sound system in every room can quickly become difficult to manage. The solution is to centralize all of those entertainment systems into one platform through AV distribution. Using your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can access each device or media system in your home. It saves time, can actually reduce the number of devices you need, and makes it much easier to find and enjoy your music or shows.

Want one or all of these home entertainment systems? Southern Cinema is a home theater and automation expert in designing and installing home entertainment throughout Georgia. Give us a call today at 770.888.8848 or fill out this quick contact form to discuss the options that are the right fit for your home and lifestyle.


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