What You Need to Achieve Epic Outdoor Audio


Does Your Backyard Sound System Sound as Good as Possible?

It may be cold outside right now, but in a few short months, you’ll want to be out of the house and enjoying the warm Alpharetta, GA air. And there’s no better way to do that than with an outdoor audio system. Whether you want to kick back by the pool or chill with the grill, you want to do it with your favorite tunes playing in the background. But an outdoor sound system presents some challenges. Here, we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.


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Any sound system starts with the source. In most cases, your source will be the same as the one you use for an indoor whole-home audio system. Why? Because you want to access the same library of songs or music streaming services you love. But the further your speakers get from the source components, the weaker the sound becomes. So how do you increase power?


Outdoor Amp

You already have a  pre-amp and amplifier or AV receiver, and they can form the hub of your whole-home audio system. But depending on the number and location of your outdoor speakers, you may need to give the system an extra boost. Outdoor amps can increase the strength of your audio signal, so it reaches each speaker throughout your yard. Enclosed in a water-proof casing, outdoor amps remain buried under your yard to stay out of the way and safe from the elements.



As you can imagine, outdoor speakers are quite a bit different from their indoor counterparts. Whereas indoor speakers are often delicately crafted pieces built for sonic precision, outdoor speakers need to contend with the elements and ambient sounds to ensure you can hear them clearly. They typically feature weather-proof and rust-proof construction, and won’t break down due to the varying outdoor conditions.



If you have an extensive digital music collection, you'll need a way to organize everything. Digital organization systems can help you do that automatically. Systems like Roon will sift through your collection, add valuable information like album art and liner notes, and more. It will even choose the best-quality version of the song if you have multiple files of the same thing.



And finally, once you have an incredible outdoor audio system in place, you'll need a way to control it. Why not integrate it with your other technology for convenience and fun? With a single touch on an automation system controller, you can watch your outdoor lights come on, your music starts playing, and you can even warm up the spa. 


Want to get more out of the warm Georgia weather coming up in the next few months? Start with an outdoor audio system. Click here or give us a call at 1-404-THEATER today.

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