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What’s the Best Setup for a Whole House Audio System?


If you love music, you’ve probably considered adding a whole house audio system to your property. But not every system ends up working – and it’s because installers aren’t careful about building solutions for every room. So how do you know you’re getting the best home audio setup? In this blog, we’ll help you figure it out. If you want to know what it takes to have the best sounding home audio system you’ve ever heard, right in your Alpharetta, GA house, just keep reading.

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In the Living Room

Some homeowners would be fine with a single Sonos speaker on a bookshelf playing their music. But for those who care about sound quality, a single speaker just won’t do. Instead, in-ceiling speakers distributed throughout the room are the way to go. Evenly placed, an expertly installed system shouldn’t feature any dead spots or peak audio areas. When you walk through the room, you shouldn’t notice any distinct changes in volume. In fact, you should hardly notice the components at all. The control system should be neatly racked in an unused closet or basement, allowing you to control everything from a centralized location.

In a Dedicated Listening Space

For your listening room, you’ll want a space optimized for sonic perfection. That means a two-channel system, easy access to both your lossless digital collection and your physical media, as well as acoustical treatments for the room to help absorb wayward echoes. Unlike your living room, your dedicated listening space may only have two floor-standing speakers, but those two speakers are strategically staged to recreate the feeling of being at a live concert. It’s the optimal way to listen to your favorite music.

Streaming Lossless and 4K Simultaneously

For many audiophiles in the digital age, there’s nothing better than streaming lossless audio. And if that’s all you’re trying to stream in your home, you’ll probably get by with a standard network.
Of course, if you’re trying to stream lossless while also streaming 4K video, you could run into a problem if you don’t upgrade. Ultra HD takes up so much bandwidth that it’s virtually impossible to stream both that and lossless files at the same time. Instead, you may need to upgrade with fiber-optic cabling to ensure both systems work optimally.

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