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The Secret to Controlling Your Home Entertainment System


If you’re like us, there are two things you can’t get enough of: the latest music and movies, and total control over home technology.

Thankfully, those are two interests that intersect. After all, how can you enjoy lossless audio and 4K video without a robust home entertainment system?

But all those different components can be a hassle if you don’t know how to use them. So, why don’t you simplify the process by integrating controls with a single user interface?

Don’t know what that means? No problem! This blog will help you understand the benefits of customizing the way you interact with your technology. Just keep reading to learn more.

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Hard-Button Remote

You probably remember dad’s old entertainment cabinet. It contained wonders: a big screen TV, a stereo, maybe even a VCR. There was a lot of technology in a relatively small space. There were also a lot of remotes.

Once everyone got tired of finding the right remote to control each component, your family likely invested in a universal remote. With that, you could control everything with a single device.

Today, modern remote controls can do a lot more than simply adjust the volume on the sound system and pause video. You can control every piece of technology in your home, without getting up from the couch.

The best part? Modern smart home, hard-button remotes can be engraved with custom labels. So, whether you’re controlling your media server, immersive audio system, the lights, or even the thermostat, you’ll know what button you’re pressing each time.


Touch-Panel Remote

If you prefer a more modern approach, touch-panel remotes are a great way to enjoy your system. Rather than physical buttons, you can use a tablet, smartphone, or dedicated controller to control everything digitally.

One of the major benefits of this approach is how easy it is to customize. Only add the technology you want, so you don’t have to scroll through a list of useless buttons to command each device.

Plus, no matter how you choose to control your system, your integrator can group commands together to simplify it. One touch will turn on the TV, sound system, and even select the program you want to watch.


Voice Control

With the emergence of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you don’t even need a remote anymore. Simply integrate control of your devices with a voice-control speaker.

When you’re ready to relax and enjoy your evening, just say “Alexa, movie night.” The lights will dim, the shades will lower, and your entertainment system will be ready for action. And you’ll never lose the remote between the cushions again!

Want to learn more about how you can customize control of your home entertainment system? Just click here.


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