5 Essential Elements of an Office Security System


As the year comes to a close, you’ve got plenty on your mind. And protecting your Atlanta business is probably high on the list. With a new year comes plenty of new opportunities, and you’ll need an office security system to help keep your employees and assets safe. But where do you start? Simple; we’ve got the answers you need. Here are the five essential technologies you should add to your security system.

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Surveillance cameras are a cornerstone of security systems all over the world. Not only can you keep a record of what’s happening in and around your business, but you also have peace of mind from knowing you have direct access to keeping an eye on things. And today’s cameras aren’t like those big, bulky boxes you’ve seen at the bank. They range from highly visible to entirely discreet, offer wide viewing angles up to 360-degrees, capture up to 4K resolution, and even feature night vision and weather-resistant casings.


High-Capacity Storage

Cameras are just part of the equation when it comes to a successful surveillance system. You'll also need high-capacity storage to help you store and navigate all the footage. An onsite DVR (or NVR if you're using network-based cameras) will let you secure your footage with ease. You can also use a combination of onsite recorder and cloud storage for even higher capacity. Modern software helps you navigate by date, time, and other parameters, so it's easy to find what you need quickly.


Access Control

For internal and external entryways, access control is an essential element of any security system. But we’re not talking about lock-and-key. We’re talking about advanced technology that uses biometric factors like retina or fingerprint scans for maximum security. Never lose a keycard; never forget your access code. With modern access control systems, you can get in and out with ease thanks to hard-to-counterfeit elements.



Alarms are essential because they'll let you know when problems arise. But today's alarms aren't the kind that blare incessantly to no effect. Modern alarms can send notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet, and also alert local authorities via your remote monitoring partner.


Environmental Sensors

When considering security features, many business owners overlook the obvious: you're much less likely to face human threats than natural ones. Hurricanes, floods, fires, and more are not uncommon, and you'll need your system to keep you safe from them. Environmental sensors can help you stay alert and even take action before the problem becomes unmanageable, so you can remain vigilant and protect what matters most.

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